best of 2013

There was so much good here in 2013 I had to break it into 2 posts.

Part 1:  the Fire Wife Life, Encouragement and Strengthening Marriages is here.

and now Part 2:  Firefighter Husbands and the Fire Industry and…!  This site would mean nothing without our Firefighters and their contributions are some of the most loved.


From Firefighter Husband

2013-04-21 19.36.21Some of the most viewed posts on the site were written by my husband.  Of course I think he’s awesome but it’s nice to know that you do too.  Now let’s convince him to write more in 2014.  Drop some posts to us at our Facebook page or blast him on twitter where he only has 31 followers @ffdanmercer  (Don’t worry.  This won’t cause us to divorce and end all this marital goodness.  It’s approved 🙂  )

How to talk to your husband when he arrives home after a bad run “Just Act Natural

And a joint effort from the guys at the firehouse….5 things us wives should know about the Firehouse




#wifeonfire in the Fire Community

Firefighter Wife (and Husband) went on the road in 2013 and was welcomed with open arms by the Fire Industry.

Ever wonder what happens at FDIC?  Pretty much this:  “No Glitter All Heart – A Fire Wives View on FDIC

Then I got face to face with the chiefs thanks to MN8 Foxifre “My Apology Letter to the Chief

And we partnered up with all the amazing people we met throughout the year to go big for Detroit in the Detroit Mutual Aid project.





And finally, the most favorite Firefighter Wife Videos of 2013

abcnewsclipWe were featured as the “Six On Your Side Champion” on ABC 6.  Humbled.  Honored.  Watch it here.

THE most watched video on our YouTube Channel (I wonder why?) Scheduling Sex

And a favorite with Firefighter Husband – Why is my firefighter grumpy at large gatherings?

Finally, Inspirational Stories from Fire Wife Cancer Survivors



If you love what we are doing here and are looking for a couple of videos to share with others to explain it all try these:

The Sisterhood video – Fire Wife Sisterhood members share their personal stories of what being a member means to them

And to share with your department, chiefs, officers…..Lori speaks on the Fire Service Marriage Crisis and what is doing about it.






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