There’s No Right Way To Start a New Year

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My 2014 had a slow start out of the gate.  I wanted to get up early and dive right in but I lounged in the warm bed after my firefighter kissed me at 6 am when he left.   I told myself I’d read my devo on my phone and then get up.  I did read the devo.  Even setup a nice new one for 2014.  Two years of Jesus Calling was great but I should probably expand out of my comfort zone this year.   But then I ventured into email.  And twitter.  And facebook.  And instagram.  And then it was 8:30.  A serious sleep in day for the girl who’s alarm clock is set at 5:32 no matter what day of the week it is.

I’ve seriously fallen off the workout wagon and clean eating team this holiday season.  I enjoyed every second of that tasty food and my hyper thyroid is a blessing that I don’t put on a ton of weight (hate me for that – it’s simply lucky genetics).   But I feel my neck and back tweaking a bit because my core strength has weakened.

My office is a ginormous mess.  Even my kids told me that today.  Totally needs a complete refresh / clean up.  Probably a full day ordeal.

Oh yes.  Our Christmas tree and decorations are still up.  That’s ok.  We really like to let the season linger.  The wise men are still on their way to find baby Jesus technically.  And we’ve got this upcoming weekend to attack that and reset the basement storage area.

So I haven’t officially settled on any resolutions but I have a few words floating around in my head as I listen for some guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Oh and can you believe this?  I’ve still got a couple hundred envelopes to seal up and get in the mail tomorrow to send to our Fire Wife Sisterhood members.  Happy New Year greetings.  Sometimes when things grow so big so fast, one forgets that it takes twice or three times as long to do over achieving things like write each member a personal greeting.

For a moment today, my head was in that negative place where I truly had too many areas I wanted to improve on but not the time to make resolution keeping a full time job.  And definitely hadn’t been praying enough about it.  Sigh.  For a visionary, creative planning type like me, this is a complete disaster on New Years Day.  A day with no work and clean slate of everything laid out in front of me.  Fresh calendar.  Fresh start on financial goals.  Eating, sleeping and work out habits.   Double sigh.

So I figuratively curled up in fetal position and babied myself.   Warm coffee.  Multiple cups.  Big sheets of white paper and my favorite colored markers.  Yoga pants.  Baseball hat.  And no looking at the clock or worrying about any “rules” of how the first day of the year should go.   I stopped reading blog posts and facebook statuses of people who did get out of the gate with a bang and cut myself some slack.  I answered easy questions and only the ones that felt good.  What praises do you have from 2013?  Biggest lessons learned?  What do you want to STOP doing?  The juices started flowing faster than I could process.

The most common thing people said to me this past year….. “You are so busy.  I didn’t want to bother you.”   Oh that makes me so sad.  I’m so busy that I give off an aura that people shouldn’t talk to me, converse with me, “trouble me” with their question or need.   Something is so freaking wrong with that.   Something has to change.  Something that takes longer to figure out than an afternoon on New Years Day with clean white paper and pretty markers.   But I got a good start.  And my heart is full.  My house is warm.  My kids are smiling.  We got some returns done (a little financial goal!) and we ate a fun dinner at Five Guys without one worry about healthy eating because we were laughing together the whole time and it ran that negative thought right out of my brain.


What’s the point of this post?


One is that I wrote today.  And I absolutely did not write enough in 2013 (even if this is one of those self-focused blog posts that drive me crazy because the point of this site is not to be Lori’s personal journal!)  Writing is a win.

Two is that I only stayed in the negative party for an hour or so and I recognized it the whole time I was there.

Three is to not define YOUR world, YOUR needs in YOUR life by any standard you read on facebook or a blog…..including this one!   In fact, that is the ultimate point.  Think for yourself.  Weed through the noise.  Pick up the nuggets that apply to you in your current season as you keep running the race marked out for you.

So I’m at 802 words and I only planned to write 500.  You better stop reading right now.  Pry yourself out of the automatic information intake mode that smartphones and status feeds numb us into.  Stand up.  Move. Drink some water.  And decide what your day is going to look like.

Day 1 of 2014.  Accomplished.

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