Do you ever have times when you dream of what you “will” wear and how you “will” look? You imagine yourself in the most gorgeous black gown with dangling earrings and a sparkling necklace and with stunning makeup and luscious hair.

So, what happens to that dream?


Time? Kids? Work? “Life?” For me – waiting for another day?

My Grandma is the one who taught me – Don’t SAVE the pretty Dress, WEAR it!

The feeling that you get when you are dressed up as YOU want to be, is absolutely Amazing! It gives you a more positive look on life and in fact on everyone and everything around you!

One of the most common things that I hear when it comes to the topic of dressing up and dressing how you want it, “Where will I go?”

My Answer: Wherever you’ll go, that’s what you’ll wear. I dress up to work at home and I dress up to do work on my laptop in Starbucks.

If you’re waiting for the Grammy’s to dress up, you won’t be dressing up very often.

You have ONE life and this is IT! You might as well have fun with what you wear!

Β Let that be just one of the aspects that brightens your day!

Another issue that can come up with dressing how you want is, “Will everyone stare at me?
Compared to some cultures, standing out in America is a “weird” thing and compared to some cultures standing out in America is a much more common thing


On those days, where I feel like I will stand out, or I’m not even sure how people will react to what I’m wearing, those are usually the days where I receive the most complements and have the loveliest encounters with people.

Like this past Sunday, I received 4 complements on my hat in church and this hat also was loved by the community on my Facebook page. I got a chance to smile at the people who complemented me and it’s always awesome to get a chance to have an interaction with someone.


I remember the first time that I wore this red vintage hat that my Mom found at the Goodwill. Again, I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be, however I liked it and I believed that others would like it too and maybe I would get to interact with people even more because of this hat. Yep! Sure enough!

I believe that dressing brings out a part of us. I believe that dressing improves our own perception of ourselves. This might sound radical, but I know for me personally, when I dress up, and do my makeup, I am reminded of the beautiful daughter of God that I am.
I see what God sees.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t look in the mirror in my pjs and feel beautiful, no, definitey not. It just means that dressing up changes my life drastically!

It effects what I do, how I dream, and how BIG I dream.

Dressing is a hobby for me and it is also a tool and a resource.

I’m currently in my hometown, a small town, where dressing up is relatively rare, I don’t worry about standing out. I enjoy myself and dress up.

I went to highschool for one year in a city called NorthPort, Florida, This was after a year of modeling and I wanted to do 2 years of classes in 1, so that I would graduate on time. Being in warm Florida, with none of my friends or family around me, sounded like a good way to get it done – and it was! πŸ˜€

The students at the school dressed extremely casual.

It felt a little scary or painful the first few times that I dressed up.

I am confident, however I am human.

I even had a family member encourage me to dress like them, in jeans and a t-shirt and flipflops for example. I didn’t want that though, because then, I wouldn’t even be me.

So, what was the result of dressed up everyday Mia going to a highschool her senior year where no one knew her? Fine! I overheard one of the high school students talking down on what I wear, but generally speaking, people ended up loving me for who I was and I didn’t have to explain myself to people, because in a way my clothes explained a little bit of my story. This also gives people an opportunity to ask you about your story, and for you to ask them about theirs. Since I was going to school or doing school work about 20 hours per day (no exaggeration) dressing up gave me pleasure and really helped me soooo much that year!

I also wasn’t dressing for them, I was dressing for me and my future.

My encouragement to you is to not hide behind what you think you should wear, but

SHINE and wear what your soul longs to wear!

I have a “DARE” for you!

Wear something this week that you want to wear, but that you feel is “too much” or “too dressy” and report back to us the results.

How you felt? How people reacted?

Be Yourself. Love Yourself. Be confident in who you are and share that message with others!


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