January is Declutter month in the SISTERHOOD.

We’ve been trashing , keeping and donating! We’re waging war against clutter in our homes!  Finding everything its own home and place. Deciding if things should be kept and how they should be kept. Some of us have been busy trying to declutter our homes and vehicles. Cluttered homes often lead to cluttered minds. Are you avoiding certain areas of you home because you just don’t know where to start with the clutter? Right now my 3 year old daughter’s room is in need of desperate attention but the toy box has exploded and nothing is in its right home. I feel anxious just peeking in but I know I have got to tackle that jungle! I have the feeling there will be a large donation bag coming from her room.

I’m a total pen and paper list person. A list is a great way to help motivate you and get things organized on paper before you actually put your hands on it. When you start making progress and checking items off your list, it feels really rewarding! I like to make lists for the kids and soon, the husband. It’s an easy way for them to see what their tasks are. One of my typical lists would look like this:


You can even make a list for your entire week, day by day, that way if you don’t get done with all of you list, it can just flow over to the next day.  We all know that things do not go as we plan usually.  It’s a shift day so I may not get to everything on my list.  Tomorrow my firefighter will be home, so that means I probably won’t get everything done on my list then either.  I never put too much pressure to complete the list, as long as I get most of it accomplished, I am happy that I made progress.

Every thing I put my hand on I think, is this something that belongs in the trash or should I keep it?  A good guideline I use is this below.  It makes it simple to know what needs to be trashed, donated, kept or kept and stored away.  There are likely plenty of you would could have another pile, the SELL pile.  Have a yard sale, sell online or go to your local flea market.

If you decide to start a donation box, I STRONGLY suggest holding on to the donation box for a few days until we release the February #serve first project.  You’re donation  will fit right in!  #servefirst definitely will feed off of January’s Declutter program!


A chore list really works well for my 12 year old.  She likes to see how fast she can mark her tasks off and be done.  The little one will help me with her list.  I recently had a conversation with my husband about making HIM a list.  Just telling him what I want/need help with didn’t seem to be working, a list might help in that area.  If this is a common issue for you, maybe a talk about a short “Honey Do” list might help. They have chores at the Fire House, right? This likely won’t solve the socks by the recliner or boots in the middle of the floor type issues but it’s sure to help your load a little if he is on board with the idea!

Do you use a list?  A chore chart?
Tell us your best ways to keep on task!

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