diary heather 3

Day 3 – Things never go as planned

Today’s Agenda and Goal

  • Get to work on time…yeah right!
  • Survive the work day
  • Make sure hubby gets the water heater installed…without nagging him
  • Make it through T Ball Practice

8:00AM – Oh Moooooom

As I am literally walking out the door to go to work, Savannah says, “Oh Moooooom, I have to be at school early for the Healthy Kids Newscast.”  I love the fact that she enjoys school and gets involved in important causes…but WHY does she have to wait until the very last minute to tell me these things.  So much for being to work on time.

8:45AM – Hopefully he doesn’t see me

As I walk through my office doors, I glance out of the corner of my right eye and notice my boss isn’t in his office.  Thank God…I was trying so hard to make it to work on time and hopefully he will never know I failed.

Lunch – Eat big

Its Little League night and that means one thing…we won’t eat as a family.  I’m not sure I’ll even get to eat at all…so I better eat a big lunch.  Thank goodness our office has a lunch program…it allows me to work through lunch so I can leave at a decent enough hour to make it to T Ball practice.  And today…is one of my favorites…Thai food.  Since our kids aren’t adventurous eaters and our meals tend to revolve around what they will and won’t eat, I cherish my Thai food days at work.

jackson tball

12:45PM – Fire it up

Ever since we blended our families, we’ve had 7 showers each night we’re all together.  Well, last week I noticed that I was running out of hot water…after waiting at least an hour for it to recharge.  Thank goodness the amazing company I work for has a partnership with GE so we can get deep discounts on appliances.  I just got the text that our hybrid water heater arrived…hallelujah…I can take a hot shower tonight.

5:00PM – Oh dear…things never go as planned

I was so excited on the way home…even though I only had a few minutes before heading off to T ball practice, the whole family was together and we’d all get to take hot showers.  As I’m in the car with about 15 minutes of my drive left, I get a text from my fireman.  Apparently, his water heater installation didn’t go as planned.  I’d post the text, but A. It’s expletive laced and B. There was a roach that crawled by the couch and his version of how he killed it might embarrass him.

I asked him to save a little bit of himself for me…and he said, “I’ll try.”  I knew that he wouldn’t want to cook, so I told him to order pizza and I’d handle Little League practice…he can just relax.  I find one of the easiest ways to diffuse a tense situation is to take charge.  Whether it’s making decisions, or taking care of chores, sometimes they just want to sit down and relax and not have to be in command.

pizza night

7:45PM – I thought I’d have hot water

Yep, just stepped out of an ice cold shower…so cold I couldn’t even shave my legs.  “Honey, I thought you installed the new water heater…my shower was ice cold.”  And off he went to get the user manual.  In my head, I’m thinking…wait a minute…you didn’t read the user manual???  Of course not, men never read directions.  He had the setting wrong…so my shower was cold.  He’s lucky I think he’s so handsome or I’d have been really mad.

9:45PM – Ready to go lay down?

The night before he goes back on shift is always hard.  I feel torn…I want to soak in every last minute of our time together, but I also don’t want to keep him up late.  I never know if he’ll sleep well on shift, so I try to make sure he can get good rest while he’s home.  He caught my yawn and knew I was close to falling asleep so he asked, “Are you ready to go lay down?”  (That’s a code phrase by the way.)

Although I was exhausted, I smiled and said, “Yes, Daddy-o…let’s go lay down.”  I heard him lock the bathroom door and suddenly I wasn’t so tired.  It’s kind of crazy how my energy comes back when I see him with his shirt off.

10:30PM – Thank you

It’s time to “really” go to sleep now, so I roll over and place my head on his chest so I can hear his heartbeat.  The sound really does help me fall asleep and I miss it when he’s on shift.  The last things I say to him before I drift off are, “Thank you for the lovin’.  I love you Daddy-o.”  He’s amazing and I want to make sure he knows it and I appreciate it…so I tell him thank you every time…and every time it just keeps getting better.

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