Pre-Ice Storm Ghost Town Tuesday

5:55 – Coffee Maker Wake Up Call!  Ugh!!!  I drag myself to the kitchen, but it’s so early, even the cat doesn’t feel like rising or shining this morning…

Week - cat

6:20 – My firefighter unexpectedly pulls into the driveway an hour early.  What a treat!  Right?

We spend the next 20 minutes discussing the upcoming storm plans.  Because again, he might be heading to our cabin to ride out the storm there to make sure all the pipes and new construction portions are okay, while keeping a constant fire going in the main part of the house.  He shows me how to work the kerosene heater we just bought in case we lose power at our current house during the storm.

I dress quickly, run some wet fingers through my curls to make them halfway presentable, grab a banana and my coffee and head for the door.

Week - selfie

7:00 – Give my firefighter a quick kiss good bye and drag my groggy girls out the door to head to the orthodontist.  Why?  What crazy person schedules a 7:30 am orthodontist appointment?!  I guess that would probably be me.  No, wait…it was my firefighter, when we played a switcheroo in the middle of her last appointment so I could head in a different direction with another child.  He had to plan the future appointment without my schedule.  7:30 am was a pretty safe bet in that situation.

It’s okay.  Nothing can bring me down during this orthodontist appointment because my FF sent me with the rest of the cash to pay off my daughter’s braces!  Woohoohoo!!!  Her orthodontist’s office usually makes a big deal when kids get their braces removed.  They sing, play the ukelele and completely serenade the lucky and embarrassed youth.  I’m thinking they have this all wrong though.  They should throw the parents a party for paying off the orthodontia early!  I’ll celebrate that!!  They just laugh a little and look at me like I’m crazy when I suggest it though.  I guess no ukelele for me…

7:30 – My firefighter calls me on his way to his 2nd job, debating how late the city is going to stay open with this ice / snow storm headed our way.  He’s not sure he will be at work all day.  They might close up shop and go home early, before the roads ice over.  The ice rain is supposed to start about 2:00 pm.

9:00 – We’re pulling back in the driveway when my firefighter sends me a text saying, “On your way home, stop by Lowe’s and see if they have any kerosene left.”  Ha!  Not likely.  You see, I’ve already been there.  I’ve stopped by a couple places looking to see if they had any extra kerosene for sale.  The big box stores gave me the answer, “Nah.  All we have is spring items.  The winter stuff is all gone.”  Really?  It’s only the end of January.  We’re in the middle of the coldest couple of months in the South.  Why would you NOT sell winter stuff now?!  That just seems dumb.  Oh well.  At least we have the heater and four gallons of kerosene that I bought at our local hardware store yesterday.

9:30 – Start school with the girls.  Multitask teaching, cleaning, cooking, packing the emergency items he might need at the cabin, checking weather reports, and texting with my firefighter while he’s at his second job.  We discuss the impending weather, the constantly changing weather reports, the possibility of his work closing early, and the fact that the roads on the way to the cabin are already getting icy rain.

Homeschool books

12:15 – Cut up apples and assemble an apple cobbler to slow cook in the crockpot for the afternoon.  If he does have to hit the road after work, at least he’ll have some warm comfort food in his tummy.

12:45 – Load up the girls and head downtown for their violin lessons.  The streets are deserted.  Most small, local shops are closed and only the vacationing Northerners are out on the streets, laughing at the silly Southerners hiding from the cold.  Haha!  It feels ghosty riding around town.

3:15 – We arrive back home from violin lessons.  My firefighter says they decided to close early too and he’s on his way home.

3:30 – We decide that he and the girls will all stay here, rather than chancing the roads on the way to the cabin.  The reports from family in the area are that the roads are already iced over and they’re getting a steady downpour of more sleet.  We come to this decision together for two reasons:

1)      I had a dream last night that he and our two youngest girls were headed to the cabin, hit some ice on the road, crashed and died.  I never have ominous dreams, but this one woke me up, sobbing.  I still feel the pain and anguish of their loss, even though it’s been 14 hours since my dream.

2)      My firefighter has had an uneasy gut feeling all day.  He just feels like he shouldn’t go, but can’t pinpoint why.  Once he hears about my dream though, he says he’s not about to head out on the road.  Whatever happens at the cabin will just have to happen because our family’s safety is more important.

4:00 – I’m SO EXCITED!!!  The house is a wreck from a combination of decluttering, packing for a move, preparing for a freezing storm with power outages, teaching, and constantly being on the run, but I have my WHOLE family home for a while!  I have time with my firefighter:  time that I didn’t expect to have, and no place to be!  Woohoo!  Let the relaxation begin.

The girls are excited about the storm and I can’t help but get a little excited now too.  We’re prepared.  We’re ready.  We’re together.  And the little kid in me wants to see snow just as much as the kids do.  Hopefully it won’t all be ice and we’ll actually see some of the white stuff.

4:30 – Put a ham in the oven for dinner.  I take an early bath and climb into long johns with a layer of sweat pants over the top.  Mmm…warm body, warm food.

5:00 – Sit down to write a blog post for

6:00 – Eat ham, salad, and apple cobbler for dessert.

7:00 – Watch a couple episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier with my family and realize, “Hey, our upcoming storm doesn’t look so bad.”  I also make some mental notes about how our preparedness could stand a boost in some areas.

8:30 – Laugh at my firefighter: he’s asleep in the recliner with a couple wool blankets over him and a Russian snow hat on his head with the ear flaps up.  Yep, we could never be Kilchers.  We hate the cold!

Put the dinner stuff away, start the dishwasher that the girls loaded, and let the handwash stuff go until tomorrow.  Tonight, I’m relaxing!

9:00 – Curl up in bed with a good book about turning our homestead into a food forest.  That is a huge goal of mine.  I’d love to have our homestead / orchard produce enough fruit to meet our needs, as well as have excess to sell through local markets too.  I plan and daydream as I relax into the warmth of our bed with my firefighter’s deep, steady breathing right beside me.  Bliss.

Week - orchard book

9:30 – Lights out.

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