Cindy 4


I won’t bother breaking down my day by times.  I refuse to look at the clock.  With the ice / snow storm blanketing us already and everything in town shut down because of it, there is no place to be and nothing to do outside of the house, so I’m taking the day off!

I wake up when I felt like it.  Looking out the windows, it’s daylight, but really dark outside anyways.  Ice covers the trucks and grass, but no snow.  Boo.  We fix coffee (for my FF) and hot tea (for me) and settle down to our computers in the living room.  My firefighter is finishing his college degree, so he gets online to do some classwork and get it out of the way early today.  I finish up my blog post for, do some writing for FFWife, and work on some more orchard planning.

We lounge around in long johns and sweats most of the day.  Another firefighter and his girlfriend drop by for a little while in the afternoon.  They’re from the upstate where it gets cold and snows every winter so they laugh at the way everything around here is closed up tight.  I’m okay with it!

We spend the rest of the day hauling water for the livestock and outdoor cats, watching movies with the girls, eating hearty comfort food, and watching the weather.  What?!  Is that a snowflake I see?  The sky is dropping ice rain mixed with some huge snowflakes.  None of the snow sticks, but the ice is building up like snow now so the girls bundle up, head outdoors, build ice-balls and have an all-out war.  They report back that the ice balls hurt a bit more than the snowballs they’ve thrown at each other in the past, but this doesn’t slow them down in the least.  All I can do is laugh!

Week - ice war Storm

Week - ice ball war




6:50 – Wake up just because my body says, “Get up!”  I make some coffee for the two of us.  My firefighter comes crawling out after the final beep of the coffee-maker signals it is ready to drink.

7:00 – We check the weather reports and local news again to see what things look like where our cabin is, and whether or not our local city will open up again today.  It looks like schools and other government institutions will open up at 10:00am.  They’re expecting the ice to have melted off of the roadways by then and figure conditions will be safe for driving.

We decide we definitely need to head to the cabin to see what, if any, damage the storm has brought to our homestead.

8:00 – Wake up the sleepy girls.  There’s always some interesting way of doing this in our house.  Today, my firefighter gets his old trumpet out, stands at the bottom of the stairs and plays the military Reveille to rouse them.  After this stunning performance, our youngest shuffles down the stairs, dragging  5 feet of her favorite hand-crocheted blanket (that my mom made her six years ago) behind her.  One of the other girls heads to the bathroom with her eyes still closed and the other one simply moans behind her bedroom door.  Yep, they’re a happy bunch!

8:15 – Serve oven-baked bacon and fruit for breakfast.  That’s the breakfast of champions in our house!

Bacon oven

8:30 – Let the ducks and chickens out and haul some more water for the outdoor animals.  The ducks & chickens have stayed warm in their covered pen during the storm, but it’s nasty in there now.  I grab a rake and muck out their pen.  I decide not to put fresh hay in until tonight.  It needs some time to dry out.  Ducks are gross!

9:00 – Leave for the cabin, hoping for the best.

Week - ice trees 2

9:45 – It’s icy and wet, but thankfully the roads have been clear the whole ride.  There is one large pine tree that has fallen in one of our hunting lanes, and another smaller one that is bent over our driveway from the weight of the ice still on it.  Our cabin looks unharmed from the outside.  Once we make it indoors, we see all is well.  The power never went out and the ice doesn’t seem to have damaged too much this time.  The area has been pretty lucky, I’d say.

We admire the new work that’s been done since our last visit!  The girls’ rooms have the first coat of paint and the pine ceilings are up.  There is still more work to be done, but we already want to move in!  We know we can’t, but it doesn’t stop our wishful thinking.

10:00 – Work on some school work at the cabin with the girls.  We cover history, geography, math, and some literature before taking a break and heading into town for lunch.

1:15 – We meet my mother-in-law at a small sandwich shop in town and dine on soup and salads.  Mmmm…broccoli-cheese soup is the perfect meal on this post-storm, still-frigid day.  The best part is, I didn’t have to cook it!  Woohoo!!!

2:30 – We go to a small, locally-owned coffee shop to buy some steaming deliciousness to keep us warm and content for the afternoon.  My two younger ones get smoothies instead and freeze through their entire drinks, but they seem happy nonetheless.

3:00 – We’ve done what we meant to do.  We came.  We saw.  There was nothing to conquer, so we head for home.

4:00 – We spend the rest of the evening changing out our pet waters, now that they’re all thawed out.  Our hose is functioning again, so we dump all the mud and the last little bit of yucky water out of the duck’s pool and refill it with the hose.  I lay fresh hay in the duck’s pen and the girls play duck herders and round up our flock for the night.  We used to let them stay out at night, but the last time we were gone for a couple days and our dog wasn’t outdoors with them, something killed our smallest chicken and decapitated one of our ducks.  We suspect it was either a possum or raccoon, but we aren’t taking any chances while we’re home to lock them up.  Our old Doberman’s water is empty.  Hmm…was she really that thirsty?  We refill it and let her into her warm kennel in the kitchen.

6:00 – We make a small dinner out of leftovers.

6:30 – My FF logs onto the computer to do some class work and I sit down to write some notes on FFWife stuff, get online with the FFWife community for a while, and do some more homestead planning.  I also have to log onto my homeschool record-keeping site and catch up over the past few days of school with the girls, that I’ve been forgetting to log down.  I’m kind of bad about the record-keeping part.  Oops.

8:30 – Send the girls to bed.

9:00 – My FF and I both call it quits and head to bed too.  He’s going to be on shift in the morning, so we make sure we spend some quality time together tonight.  We fall asleep…eventually, and quite content.

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