Day 3 from Katt.

Goals for the day.

1. Menu planned

2. Get to my office, even for an hour!

3. Keep midget down one more day, as Dr ordered, hmmmm….

4. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming………..

6:30 a.m. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I kind of woke up in a panic. Everyone slept through the night, even the dog! Why do I feel so hung over? Snooze….

7:45 YA, we’re flying! Red is late, Chief is late and Midget is making his own breakfast, apparently tired of waiting for me.

9:00 Menu, menu, menu. I really loathe doing this. I’m not a *plan your life* kinda girl. I don’t like waking up in the mornings and knowing exactly what I’m going to eat ALL day, let alone all week. What if I want pizza. Well, when don’t I want pizza but I don’t think my family would eat that 7 times in the week. I love ample food in my pantry and freezer so I can just grab something that looks good. I guess my menu would be more of a *guideline*, however, that doesn’t help my budget. Chief loves his budget. He stresses about money, at work and home. He’s excellent at budgeting and formulating plans, I love his wisdom when it comes to this. It’s just not really *top* of my priority list. I pay the bills, buy the food, and go about my life. He would love it if I could update him hourly on the checking account status. Ha! I’m sure that comes with his born instinct of providing for his family. Huge heart. Crazy life. Over stressed. Emotions fly. Next thought……..


11:00 Ummmm, he should have gone to school. Dr G really wanted him down for two days after adjusting him but I don’t think she remembers how an 8 year old, who is completely healed, acts. I’ve tried movies, his Nintendo DS, we wrote a book together and he got it illustrated, oh goodness, I’m over it…. And apparently watching Olympics, The Luge, on t.v. only creates more of an intense need for Midget to jump off the couch head first in an attempt to slide as fast as they do. And we already know figure skating has scarred him. 😉 He probably was better off sitting at his school desk all day then what we’re doing here! I’m thinking early lunch and a forced nap. For me of course!

over it

1:00 pm Normally Wednesday is my longest day at work. I typically start the morning with Yoga at 9 and then roll right into work until 9pm. Arriving today at 1 makes me feel a mile behind. Missing the peace I get from yoga, it’s beautiful. I have a little nook in my office with pillows and stuffed animals specifically for kids when they get sick and are waiting on parents to pick them up. Midget is settled there… Jamming a 10 hour day into 3 hours. AND GO.

images (2)

4:00 pm Red says she’ll take Midget home so I can stay and work! WOOT! It’s so easy to let our struggle become our identity and think we are going to stay in that struggle, well, forever. She was such a blessing taking him home for me. When she started driving I can’t believe the change in my schedule. Teenage drivers, bitter sweet.


7:00 pm Church in full swing. Kids everywhere, parents everywhere, music going……  And the texts come rolllllllling in. “what should I feed him?”, “can he jump on the trampoline in the snow?”, “Can he take a bath alone?”, “Where is the house phone?”….. Don’t respond in exhaustion, take a breath, breathe, she’s a blessing, just pause in the bathroom and respond to all, in one. Nope, bathroom has another mother needing my wisdom….

9:30 pm Dropping my bag on the bed, I smell heaven. Chief made spaghetti for dinner. Garlic bread lingers in the air. Finding my sweats, Gus greets me with slobbery kisses & kids are all tucked into bed. Alone time. I don’t kiss and tell. <3


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