Announcing the Marriage Makeover Conference

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There is nothing more powerful than surrounding yourself with positive people with a can-do attitude, especially when it comes to your marriage.  And now you can do that for a whole week from the comfort of your home!!

Our friends The Dating Divas are hosting a Marriage Makeover Conference and I am so honored to be one of their speakers!   Who knows more about keeping the love fires burning while you are apart from your spouse than a fire wife?   Ok, well maybe a military wife but you have to admit we are married to the ones who play with fire.

I’m so excited to be alongside Hal Runkel, author of ScreamFree Marriage which is one of our favorite programs here in the Fire Wife Sisterhood as well as Dawn Weaver of Happy Wives Club and many more.

But here is the deal.  This one will sell out.  So you need to get your tickets quickly.  Also because you get a whole ton of adorable Dating Divas freebies as soon as you sign up.

You know what else I love about this conference?  You watch it at YOUR CONVENIENCE anytime you want to “press play” and tune it.   The sessions are released the week of April 6th one by one so set aside some time that week and makeover your marriage.

We get so, so, so many emails looking for marriage encouragement here that we can’t even keep up with them.  Participating in this conference gives you access to so many experts all at the same time.  Aren’t those Divas super smart for pulling this all together for us?

And about keeping those love fires burning…..

We’re going to share our best kept secrets for texts, photos and phone calls that will make your husband count the seconds until he walks back in the door.  And also how to avoid that oh so embarrassing moment when your child or that prankster firefighter might discover them in the cloud!  Yes there are ways to avoid that and still have some fun sharing private conversations your husband.

But it’s not just about texting.  Staying connected while apart requires you to keep those little monsters out of your head that tell you lies and finding ways to experience life together, make decisions together, have more effective conversations when you must be apart from each other for extended times.  Yep.  We’re going to go there.  Below the surface into what really works and how to not get irritated when the tones drop and he has another call.

Oh, but this isn’t just for fire wives.

Many other professions keep spouses apart traveling for work and working long hours.  So share this with your girlfriends!!  This one is for anyone who has a spouse.  Period.  Share share share!

And perhaps the best part…..all of this for only $37?  Ri-donkulous!  Makeover your marriage for a whole week for less than the cost of a dinner for 2 at a nice restaurant.

Jump on over to The Dating Divas to…..

    Get your bonus freebies!    Enter to win their contests!

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