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6:00 am  Eh.  I thought going to bed at 9pm last night would do me good.  I thought it was too much coffee but I never did go to sleep for long, at all. I woke up several times throughout the night. Bedtime tonight crossed my mind before I even got out of the bed this morning.  Headache is still here.  Great.

Today I need to:  Work.  It is normally the first thing I do after coffee because I can check in and browse through things while I drink a cup or three.  Housework is a NEVER ending thing, not to mention what I didn’t get to yesterday.  Goody bags for the party aren’t going to make themselves; I’d like to get those done today.  I’ve only had the party stuff on the table for two weeks… and the little has gotten in to it!








I also need to make a list of everything I still need for the party and make sure I have everything I *THINK* I have.  Check in with FF, if he replies, and see if he made any progress looking for tires.  I am a big fan of making lists on paper.  I need some bedroom cleanup and the laundry room looks like a crime scene.

But first…………… Coffee.  Coffee and work.  The way the milk swirls in the Colombian goodness is really a beautiful thing.


7:20am The little bit of good I can find in the husband working 2 rural departments is he drives right by the house to get to #2 from #1 and usually stops for food.  He came in for about 5 minutes.  I wasn’t the most chipper wife. He picked up food and some smootches.  I miss him. The little kid is already crying… all because I asked what she wanted for breakfast.  Just tell me, that’s all you have to do kid.  She settled for cheese toast and milk.  I’m sure she’ll be asking for more food in an hour.

Mid morning: Great.  You’re kidding me?  A “firework type device” has been found at the high school and they’re evacuating.  Of course the Calvary of public safety rolls in along with the Marine Corps bomb squad and the GBI.  A secondary device was found at the suspect’s home?!  I need more information before I get worked up.  Last year we had bomb threats every day for two weeks it seems.  I’m really just relying on the school system to keep my kid safe and keep us informed. I don’t have a high school kid but the middle school is directly behind the high school. This turns out to be over almost as soon as it started but the icky thought that this could at some point be real and tragic is nagging until you hear it’s over.

About 2:50 PM I got a phone call from one of the ladies I met in the Fire Wife Sisterhood.  I’m driving to her house for a meet up soon and we were getting things coordinated.  This picked my day up, a lot!  I’m so excited!!!  I have only a slim number of friends I actually see, in person.  Life is just so busy when you’re married and have kids…. And that crazy fire life schedule!  Bring on my mini vacation!

3:45 pm and the big kid is home from school.  Blabbing about how you can’t be nice to boys or they think you like them and how a boy she danced with at the school dance now is putting on Facebook that he likes her.  Really?  Middle school is going to be the death of me.  This is my face……


4:30pm and we’re cooking supper.  We eat like old people… I know.  I had left over fish tacos and the kids wanted left over meatballs and homemade chicken noodle.  Hey.  Works for me!


6pm I’m jumping in the shower.  I try to enjoy the few minutes of quiet but it isn’t quiet.  I can hear them.  Yelling.  All the way in the livingroom.  For the love of not eating my children, WHY are they yelling?  Sometimes having two children who are almost 9 years apart is a LOT like having two only children.  Divas… I’ve heard boys are easier to raise.  I don’t have one to compare to but I’m buying that theory today.

I have a minute where I’m daydreaming and remember Kassidy asking her speech therapist “do you hab any wittle wambs?”.  Mary Had a Little Lamb happens to be her current favorite song.  Her teacher’s name is Mrs. Mary, so that totally makes me giggle.   Some days when I think I could just eat her like a wild animal, she goes and does something so freaking hilarious or cute, I can tuck that away.  Laugh the stress away.  At least in that moment.

The sun is down and I have no idea what time it was.  After 8 pm.
Bed time is drawing near and I am beat.  No sleep.  A quick text and skipping the phone call tonight, he’ll be home in the morning… right?  I’m feeling alone but exhausted…I need sleep…where is the time.  I still can’t escape kids, it’s cold and they need to cuddle up to stay warm tonight.  They’re in my bed because he is on shift and we aren’t use to the frigid weather coming in… I  I’m feeling like a single parent that has a boyfriend who pays most of her bills and spends the night now and then.  I say that jokingly, I’ve been a single mother, I know what that season of life is like and you can’t compare the two.   I haven’t seen or really talked to another adult in what feels like forever.  I’ve been on my own for the better part of 3 days and I’m just beat.  Booo.  King size beds feel like twins when sharing with kids.



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Jessie -

Just a small town girl married to a firefighter since 2008, but she's so much more than a Fire Wife. She's been a member of the FirefighterWife family since 2012 and knows marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.


  1. Heather Isaacs

    Love your posts Jessie…and your face 🙂

    And no, boys aren’t easier…trust me.

  2. Kellie Wilson

    Loved your diary today Jessie, I could totally relate…why are they yelling? I just said this to mine last week! Thank you for sharing xoxoxo

  3. Cori

    “For the love of not eating my children…” I spit my coffee. Love this and love you! Do we live with the same three year old??

  4. Jessie

    Thanks ladies 🙂
    Cori 🙂 I figure if life is going to bite, I might as well have a sense of humor about it.


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