Today I need to wait for FedEx to make a delivery.  Start on Goody Bags for the birthday party on Saturday.  Get some laundry going and try to catch up, as if.  Spend some time with the husband… he comes home today and actually has TWO back to back days off!  That doesn’t happen but every few weeks!

6:30 am Get the big kid up.  Coffee.  Start work.  Browse.  Get side tracked.  Need more coffee.


8am the little kid is up.  Breakfast is the first thing she wants, did you guess that already?  She hasn’t even fully opened her eyes yet and she wants food, my little growing girl.  Thank God for bananas, it’s her favorite but fair warning, do not ask her if she is a little monkey… for some reason that just makes her mad.  Not cute fun there!

8:30am the Husband pulls up. Man I missed him and I am so glad he is off today.  It’s raining and icky cold though.

9am My printer dies, really?!  I think I repel technology.  I REALLY need to print off several hundred letters.  Yep.  It died.  I decided to go to town and just buy a new one!  Bite me technology!!!

10:30 am and it’s FedEx time but they aren’t here.

11:30 am and they still aren’t here so I jump in the shower.  I go to get out and the little kid is standing there, eating a popsicle and breaks into taunting me about seeing my various parts while I’m drying off.  I mean really?  I can’t shower, sleep, steal 5 minutes in my room,  use the bathroom…. Nothing without kids being right there, all up in my business.  Unless I’m cleaning, then they are no where to be found.  Where is the husband?  Oh yeah, who knows, probably reading the hundred news article of the day 🙂 and most likely and he probably hasn’t even noticed the little was in the bathroom.

12pm I cook lunch for us since I need to wait for my delivery before leaving.  Burgers.  Baked potatoes.  Slaw.  This man is spoiled.


12:30 pm and Hello FedEx!  It’s about time, I need to go get a printer!!!

1pm we’re heading to town.   Finally!

Woohoo.  New Printer! Then Walmart. Krispy Kreme: Is the HOT sign on?  YES, it is!  Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Horrible but the HOT SIGN was on.  Plus some of them are heart shaped.  I have no power to say no.


3:45pm Home.  Installed printer, alone and much to my surprise I didn’t have to ask Mr. Technology for help.  Silently proud of my self… commence mass printing.  Oh sweet Canon, you’re printing so nicely!


I begin stuffing, labeling and sealing 300ish letters.  Tip, do not lick those envelopes.  YUCK!  I take a break and cook supper… our own version of Philly Cheesesteaks!  Bribe the 12 year old to help with envelopes while I cook?  Of course she thinks it is fun so, yay me!

Late afternoon: Dude, can you take out the headphones, get off your computer and do something?  Anything?  The kids are fighting and yelling, I’m trying to cook and you’re watching Justified?  I’m about to get Justified.   I kill me!  Do not try to survive life without a sense of humor, it’s better when you can laugh.  I don’t normally ask my firefighter to do anything when he is home because he works a lot but you know who never gets a day off?  Me, so dude… get with it and join the rest of us in the real world.

Supper is almost ready.  I feel cold, I’m never cold…  I check the thermostat and it reads 62… it’s set on 68 and it really isn’t too cold out.  It’s around freezing and wet but still no reason for it to be 62 inside…….. Send the husband outside and the entire top of the unit is a solid sheet of 2” ice.  No wonder it wasn’t heating and I’m shocked it didn’t break!  Thank you for staying away this time Murphy, it’s probably because he is home because I know good and well had he been on shift I’d of had to hole up in the bedroom with space heaters!  I heard banging for what sounded like 5 minutes before he come back in.


8:20pm and I am wrapping up work and realize the little kid is still up.  Ooops.  I put her to bed and tell her we’ll read books tomorrow because I have things I need to do tonight.  I think I’m allowed to skip a night after reading and/or singing every night for the last forever.

I get ready to settle down and turn The Big Bang Theory on.  It is my favorite to unwind to.  Probably all the laughing I do.  It’s my favorite comedy series.

Bedtime: We’re lying in bed and something is brought up about me being a loner.  Even in marriage sometimes, I’m just a loner.  I was a little taken back by it and shocked at first but it’s true.  I’m self-sufficient for the most part and self-reliant.    I just don’t ask for help often.  It reminds me of a conversation we had a while back when I had just put out all that I possibly could and it wasn’t enough.  I was failing at everything, drowning in all that being a fire wife/mom means and I was upset that no one recognized that I need help.  My husband’s reply was that I’m just so strong all the time that he just sees me as being strong and not needing any help.  Being anything other than strong just doesn’t feel like an option most of the time.  I guess that is good in ways, but not always.


Until tomorrow.


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Jessie -

A small town girl from Southwest Georgia who happens to value your marriage as much as she does her own. She is married to a firefighter who was a volunteer for several years, then transitioned into a career fireman the same month they married in 2008, and he is now a Captain at his full-time Department. They have two daughters, have been in the FFW family since 2012 and know marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.