The first day of Spring (March 20th) is less than a month away!

To make sure that you’re ready with some Fun, GORGEOUS Spring fashion Ideas, I’ve put together for you 5 of THE BEST Spring looks to LOVE and what you can DO to get them! Here they are!

# 1 – Rock a Hair Flower!

The Hair Flower

This one is SO easy to do and it really makes a BIG impact! If you’re looking for an extra boost that day, this is your Secret Weapon! 😉

TIP: Try one-two-three-four as many as you want! Experiment with colors, sizes and types of hair flowers! I love the hair flower (fake) clips because they last forever and they stay in your hair! You can even Dance with them on!

TIP:  The combination of a hair flower with a wide brimmed, preferable straight and wide brimmed sun hat is Fantastic! This will take you a matter of seconds and make you look Fabulously Old Hollywood!


# 2 –  Go Pastel!



Nothing Whispers “Spring is Here!” like pastels! They make you feel like a Princess too!


# 3 –  Carry a Sunhat!

This is SUCH an easy tip for looking oh so elegant!

TIP: Wide, Straight Brimmed sunhats are my FAVORITE by far!

TIP: Wearing your hair tied back in a bun will make this look even more elegant! Bad hair day? No problem! 😉

Here are some Fabulous wide brimmed sunhats from!

I love that these are classics and that these are pieces that will Enhance your outfit and not take away from it! Put your hair up in a bun, put on that hat & out you go in seconds, looking like you took hours to get ready! ;D


# 4 –  Get Victorian!


Why not take a cue from the GORGEOUS Victorian styles!

THINK: Lace, pastels, sunhats, long maxi dresses, florals, pearls and a romantic attitude! 



# 5 – Use That Maxi!



EPSON scanner image

I hope that you enjoyed these easy how to’s for getting that GORGEOUS Spring Look!

In the comments below, let me know what your favorite tip is for adding SPRING to your outfit!




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