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Today’s Goal
Pay bills.  Go to grocery store.  Make party dips.  Make cupcakes.  Finish making decorations.  (Why can’t I just smother my inner Martha Stewart because it would be so much easier to buy this crap!)  Go get rental hut key.  Decorate building.  Set up tables.  Take everything that can be taken to building today.  Get some housework done.  Hit nitrous because time is ticking!

6:30 am.  You know the routine.  Get up.  Get the big kid up.  Get coffee.  Open laptop, check tasks.  Look at the list of to dos.  Turn on the news.

8am  The little is now up.  Same routine…. breakfast is served and I am checking to make sure that checks hit the bank before I go promising people money over the internets.  Its time to pay bills… my least favorite thing about pay day.  Not because of giving the money away but because it takes so stinking long!  Then it’s on to speed cleaning… at least trying to remove chaos from high traffic areas…  Want to know what grosses me out?  Finding gloves in the dang washer!  Yes, it was clean, he sometimes sticking clean gloves in his pockets for “in case”.  I don’t care how clean they are, it still freaks me out.


Not to mention other things that bug the snot out of me like spilling something in the fridge and not wiping it up.  Leaving all your stuff scattered, out of place.  Oh… and the always fun toilet paper roll sitting on top of the holder.   I shall just fix the problem and erase those scenes from my mind!

9:30 am    Make a grocery list.  Start some laundry.  We also have homework from speech therapy from Monday we haven’t done…. so, let’s knock that out too!


11am I am getting ready to go to the grocery.   I really don’t feel like getting dressed today, much less doing hair or putting on a face.   I’m already married and have no one to impress so I’m just throwing my mop in a hat and skipping makeup.  I may be wearing my husband’s shirt… oh wait, the hat is his too… I probably also have on his socks…   Of course it’s lunch time and we’re down to nothing and that dang chicken place in the parking lot of my grocery is just too easy to pull into and fill our bellies before we go in to fill out buggy!

Friday Publix

Silly me.  The back of my truck is full of party stuff… no room for my groceries… so I just block the kid in.  I always opt to take out my own groceries, for reasons like this!  By the time we got out of the store I kind of felt like having the hubs beer for myself once we get home… but too much to do for any of that nonsense.

1:30 pm  Heading to pick up key.  Renting the hut in the park is so much more convenient than having everyone come to your house for a party.  I think I may rent it every year!

2PM What was I thinking?  Man… Its just me and the little and there are tables and chairs to set up.  Things to hang, table cloths to put out, decorations to place, balloons to blow up.  I need ten of me.  By 4PM I am  D O N E  for the day at least.   Until I get home and must make the cupcakes.  Sheesh……

5pm and me and the girl make nachos.  Simple.  Quick.  Don’t even have to use many dishes.  SCORE!


9pm and I am beat.  I’ve gotten a lot taken care of.  I’ve managed a 15 minute phone call with my firefighter.  No tones.  No interruptions.  Just us… and we had nothing to talk about.  Isn’t that funny…   I’m in the bed, long day is coming tomorrow….

I’ll keep you around for half of my day!


Saturday 8 am
It’s party dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  Dips are made.  Cupcakes are made.  Firefighter will be home soon.  I think I’ll spend some time with him, get ready for the party and be there early to set up crock pot dips.  Daddy keeps the birthday girl with him, it is kind of nice since I have the majority of things done.  I’m just sitting and taste testing the dips…  Such a short little needed break.  I might even try to go potty while I am here alone, talk about nice!!!


Yes, we had a blast.  The party was great.  Spongebob Squarepants is a daily thing in our house, so of course her 4th birthday was Spongebob themed.  I have to admit, even I like it a little.  We had Crabby Patty cupcakes and I just winged it with the left overs because I tell you what, they’re easy but take time.  There were even jellyfish balloons.  She got a ton of cute clothes, totally what she loves, along with other things all 4 year olds like.  She loved it.  All my hard work all week was worth it, especially when everyone compliments my hard work.  Some even stayed around to help take down decorations and put tables/chairs back up.

5pm  I pick up Chinese and head home!  It’s been such a long week.  We go home, eat, watch movies and I get to snuggle with my favorite person on earth before he goes back on shift tomorrow.  God knows I love this man, he is so good to me, to us.  My family must all be worn out because it’s a peaceful evening.  The perfect ending to the week.  I wish tonight could last a little longer.


These have just been the days of my life.
Until next time…


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Just a small town girl married to a firefighter since 2008, but she's so much more than a Fire Wife. She's been a member of the FirefighterWife family since 2012 and knows marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.


  1. Heather Isaacs

    So lucky I haven’t found gloves yet…because that would freak me out too. Oh…and the leaving crap everywhere…you don’t even want to see our bathroom counter…

  2. Felicia Wagoner

    I still remind myself sometimes that the mess means he’s home!


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