Diaries of Real Fire Wives – Day 1 – Reggie

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A day in the life of a full-time working-lawyer- mom married to a fire Captain.

Plan for today:

  1. Early morning physical therapy
  2. Travel to San Diego for work (including packing in the wee hours of the morning)
  3. FaceTime with husband and son
  4. Company Dinner

12:00:01am – Monday

Husband has been on duty since 7am Sunday and I am still procrastinating.  I have not accomplished anything I should have done all day yesterday and must start the mad rush to get everything done before he gets home at 7:30am.  I have to leave for San Diego for work and I still haven’t started packing or put away my clean laundry (that he washed, dried and folded)!  I stand in front of my closet staring and staring and staring.  I always do this.  In my head, I have planned out what I am going to pack. Then, when it comes time to actually pack, I dislike all my choices and I seriously cannot figure out what I want to wear!  I am putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself about what I’m going to wear because it’s one of the handful of times that I have “face time” with the President and executive management of our business unit.  So, naturally, I decide I just need a little nap and then  I will pack…


Now that I’ve mentally prepared (aka napped), I am totally ready to put away my clean laundry and pack!  This is my 3rd work trip in as many weeks and would really just love to stay home with my boys… Oh well, at least on this trip I won’t have to sit through a deposition!  Now, I must find the motivation to actually get myself packed and try to get at least a little sleep tonight.


After much indecision, I ended up packing exactly what I had originally planned to pack.  My entire work wardrobe consists of suits and Ann Taylor sweater sets, so it really should not be as difficult as I make it.  So much wasted time, but that’s life when you’re blessed/cursed with an ADHD & Dyslexic brain.  But, in my defense, at last year’s meeting, I gave a presentation whilst wearing a tutu, striped tights, red top hat, and red sparkly heels (which I wore the entire day, since my glitter makeup and braided pigtails would have looked ridiculous with business clothes).   Since I couldn’t go the Broadway showgirl route this year, the pressure was on to stand out and impress the big bosses, without the glitter, top hat and tutu.


3:00ish am

Set my alarm for 7:30am and finally, went to sleep.

7:00:01 am

My 4 year old comes bounding into my room.  “My clock is green! So, I can get up!”  We have this awesome clock that lights up green when it’s ok for him to get out of bed.  Every non-shift morning when Daddy’s home, he sleeps until 7:30 am or later.  He’s never so accommodating on Mom’s watch!  Alas, that 4.5 hours of sleep has been reduced to 4 hours on the one morning that I planned on waking at 7:30am.  Time to get up!  Now, let’s hope Daddy doesn’t get stuck on a late fire call – otherwise, I’ll have to bring the kid to physical therapy with me!  I already had to take a later flight because the 9:30am flight would be cutting it pretty close if he got stuck on a late call and I’d like to avoid brining him to PT with me.

the clock


Husband gets home (totally on-time of course) and says “I hope you didn’t stay up all night packing!”  After nine years of marriage, he knows me so well.  Of course, I answered “No” after all, I did get four whole hours of sleep!  Time to log into work and check my email for any urgent matters to take care of this morning.


Got showered, dressed and checked my email again before leaving for PT.  Went to PT and my therapist decides to try all sorts of new exercises right before I’m about to jump on a 4 hours flight.  He is truly the greatest therapist of all time and I’ve been to too many to count! But, ughh…


Got back from PT and oops, I just remembered I have to pack my on-board bag!  Laptop: check, work files: check, cell phone chargers: check, medicine – uh… (runs to kitchen and gets meds), medicine: check.  All the while Husband looks at me with the “You said you were packed and ready to go” face.


Husband, Kid and I are in the office while Husband is on the computer asking me questions about stuff. (I wasn’t actually listening or paying attention to what he said and have no idea what, if anything, I even said, so… welcome to Husband’s world!) Kid is jumping around and wanting to play – OK Kid, we have 45 minutes before I leave for the airport.  Let’s play!


I leave for the airport and thanks to zero traffic and my quick super secret security line, I’m to my gate by 11:30 for a 1:15pm flight.  Awesome… nothing I love more than sitting in an airport!  Normally I would be people watching, but I have some work that I really need to get done. So,  time to find a secluded area so that I can work on confidential matters without fear of nosy onlookers.


Meet up with Boss and co-worker as we are about to board.  Exchange niceties and I wait for Group 1 to be called to board the flight.  Get text from Husband – “Did you want me to mail the card to Julie?”  He’s seriously the greatest husband.  He does everything around the house: cooking, cleaning, childcare, laundry, landscaping, finances, and wifecare/personal assistant (aka keeping track of me and making sure my personal stuff gets done – like addressing and sending the card that I had sitting on the counter without an address).   I’m a lucky girl – for sure.

1:15pm CT

Flight takes off on-time!  This would have been a great flight if the guy in the middle seat didn’t have his elbow in my ribs…  This is my fifth flight in the last 3 weeks and almost every single middle seat guy has completely encroached on my personal space!  So, I resort to the fact that this guy is going keep his elbow in my ribs for the entire flight and try very hard not to be annoyed.  I sit back in my seat to enjoy the in-flight entertainment.  First up, the movie “The Butler”… great movie, but I totally sobbed throughout!  Next up, the TV show Parenthood… yeah! I love this show and this is not the same episode that I saw on my last 4 flights! I know that I shouldn’t complain, but travelling for work is time away from my family!

4:30pm PT

Yeah! Flight is over and I can now pry the middle seat guy’s elbow out of my ribs.  We deplane, wait for wait feels like forever to get our luggage and catch a taxi to our resort.  Time to drink the company “cold beverage made from powder” (that was for my IP lawyer friends).   Oops, just remembered – I have to call my Sister who lives in San Diego back, so we can meet up later (if I’m still awake!).  I’ll do that in a little while.

5:00pm PT

Check-in and a porter drives me to my room via golf cart and tries to point out where everything as we meander through this vast resort.  I am already completely discombobulated and I haven’t even tried to find my way to any of the locales.

5:15pm PT

REggie selfie

Ok, I’m in my room and I have 45 minutes to change my clothes, put on makeup, do my hair and – oh I just realized I haven’t FaceTime’d Kid and Husband yet!  I throw open my suitcase and quickly change into one of my fabulous outfits.


5:45pm PT

Phone starts buzzing – incoming FaceTime call. Yeah!  FaceTime is our lifeline when I’m travelling.  We are like ships passing in the morning.   Since he was working yesterday, we only got to see each other briefly this morning , then off I fly to the West Coast!  It’s really not as glamorous as it may sound.  OK, now focus and enjoy the 10 minutes I get to spend (virtually) with them tonight!  I love seeing their smiling faces!  Kid always wants to see what my room looks like, so I flip the camera to show him the room.  He always seems so impressed.  Kid asks, “Mommy, why is your chair over by the door?”  Extra security? Not exactly, the heater blows the curtains up, so I am making an effort to not flash my colleagues.  Husband makes some sort of silly corporate ladder joke.  Kid and I say our prayers and I’m off to play the Corporate America game.

hotel room



I eat and mingle with my in-house surety lawyer counterparts, engineers and accountants from the other regions.  We are quite the riveting crowd… let me tell you!  We share stories about the snow in Chicago, Ohio, Philadelphia, even the snow that hit Atlanta and Dallas.  Highlight of the night was when the Big Boss (the head of my department) starts bragging on Husband and how he’s not only a “hero” but so intelligent and overall fascinating and how much he enjoyed talking to him at a recent function.  This is the best part about corporate America.  Everyone LOVES my husband and everyone especially LOVES to talk about how they wish they could be a firefighter, instead of a lawyer, engineer, or accountant.


Sister is able to stop in for a few minutes! Yeah!  Big Boss makes a point to tell her how awesome Husband is; which of course, she agrees!  Score one for Husband and helping me stand out in corporate America.


Bed time!  I’m exhausted since I didn’t sleep enough last night and it is 1:00am in my time zone.


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Just a small town girl married to a firefighter since 2008, but she's so much more than a Fire Wife. She's been a member of the FirefighterWife family since 2012 and knows marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.


  1. CakeGirl

    Haha I love this Reggie! That would totally be me staring too. Lol. I love that everyone talks about yourFF!

  2. Heather Isaacs

    This is awesome Reggie! Can’t wait to read the rest of your week. I swear our lives are so similar sometimes.


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