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Want to get your husband’s attention?   Let’s talk about sex.

You, however, may be feeling like two ships passing in the night wondering where the physical intimacy has gone or if it will ever come back again.


Maybe it is firefighter academy, starting a new business, having a baby, helping a sick relative, or dealing with more big issues that are time and energy sucks, time can pass quickly. Before you even realize it, days have turned into weeks, and your intimacy factor has been on the back burner for way too long.

Being physically intimate with the crazy fire schedules, kids, jobs, exhaustion, and so many other life obstacles takes real effort and intention. It sometimes happens naturally but more often than not, it takes a little intentional effort.

You can put the spontaneous drive for each other back into your life and have more of those wanting nothing but each other moments by making sex a priority in your marriage again.

Remember that lust you first felt when you were dating or newlywed? The butterflies, the desperate desire to be close, never wanting to leave each other’s side. It isn’t gone forever.

It’s time to turn up the flames, fire up your love life and reconnect with your spouse.




Take the 7 Days of Sex Challenge and Fire Up Your Bedroom (or any other room!)

Don’t be afraid to try something new!  

Yes this makes me blush a little bit too but I have to be honest (without being too “kiss and tell”).  Ever since I intentionally put more effort into our intimacy life, things have really fired up.   And yes my husband has noticed.

Whether you have been married for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or are a newlywed, intimacy requires intentional action.

Since my husband is already a champ spilling so much of our marriage life out here on the internet, spilling the sex life hasn’t been something I do much of.  That’s also because we have some really good partners who share about intimacy.

And this week….we are inviting everyone to take the 7 days of sex challenge.

What??? How do you do that with the fire schedule?

Well, you might have to stretch 26 hours but you can make it happen just before and just after shift right?

Or like everything else in the fire life, you just do it on the days that work for you.  In this case, I’d tell you the next 7 days you are in the same place together.  No matter the time of day or night and even if it takes 14 calendar days for this to happen for you.

Tony and Alisa explain it way better than me.  Just remember….don’t let the fire life be an excuse.  Let it be an enhancement.




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