Yo… Yoga Pants!

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We recently took a vote in the Fire Wife Sisterhood and the unofficial uniform of fire wives seems to be….. YOGA PANTS!  I don’t know about anyone else but since I work from home, my yoga capri pants and usually some fire related shirt (his or mine!) seems to be my most common choice.  Now… only if they would give me some inspiration to actually do some yoga we’d be doing great!

If you love yoga pants too or if you’re the Mr. and your lady likes them too, I’ve found some that might be a great gift.  Mother’s Day IS coming up but I could think of a million excuses to just gift them, mother or not!

yogi pants


Our friends over at Chicago Fire and Cop Shop have the perfect pair! The Chicago Fire Department yoga pants with flare legs! If you want to see more you can head over HERE!  (Search “yoga” when you get there to see them all.  I’m certain nothing else in that store will turn up in that search 😉  )

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