Let’s Jump Right Into It!

The Best Summer Dresses Available online right now for under $20!


At 13.80 This Dress from Forever21 packs a serious punch.  If you could sow on straps with this that would be best, other than that, lovely colors, a great high waist, flattering top and great price!  Available in S, M and L


Don’t be deceived by Forever21’s name, they have some great staples that suit women much older than 21! This black dress is one of them. Simple basic that you can accessorize according to your style. Available in S, M and L.  Plus, it’s $11.80! The price of lunch!


Wow! You could totally dress This Red Dress up and wear it to fancier occasions! This is my personal favorite design of all of the dresses that I am sharing with you today. Currently only available in Size L, but you could email Forever21 and see if S and M might be available soon s well. This really has a Sophisticated look to it! $17.80, so it fits our budget!


Take care of your whole summer wardrobe for $55.20 ! Yep! That is what This Flounced Maxi Dress from Forever21 would do for you!

$13.80! per piece

You could totally wear one of these to a summer wedding, just add a sheer solid colored shawl and you will be looking elegant! The top detail definitely adds a more casual, playful and girly touch to  the look.

Available in S, M and L


This dress is not my all time favorite design, but it is a good option. It would work well when you want a casual look and you could even dress it up with some luxe accessories. Available in 2x for $19.80


With a great high neck and available in 4 different colors, This Dress  is a great option to add to your summer wardrobe! Available in S, M and L. Wear this with a Stunning pair of earrings and you will already have a great look!


This  is a great dress if you love to show your curves. In fact, I wanted to see if this was in my size. This will show off your body! Available in Sizes M and L.


Oh La La~! This dress has a basic, conservative front and a GORGEOUS back! You could totally dress this up and have tons of fun with it! This may actually be my favorite design. I’m not sure between this one and the red one. I can definitely tell you though that I would get more use out of this one. OK, I think this one is my favorite! Available in Sizes M and L.

I hope that you enjoyed these dresses!

If there is anything that you want me to find for you for the summer, please let me know. Post what you are looking for HERE on my Facebook page and I will hunt for you online! 

Currently, I am doing personal shopping for Free and in about 20 days it will be offered as a paid service, so feel free to enjoy now!


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