Yep.  It’s another skin cancer spot.

I’ve sensed it for quite awhile as I watched this open wound on his forehead, right where his helmet rides, never really heal.  We’re talking months.  And shame on us  (me for not nagging?  him for not listening?) we didn’t press hard enough to get a quick appointment.

When he finally called, it was still 2 months out.  But today we finally reached that day and the official news.   I don’t know the full medical term (something something carcinoma) but it’s slow growing and we’re just waiting for the next appointment for it to be removed very soon.

Oh, and the second spot too, but that one is kind of different looking and I’m not sure what to think yet.

It’s not our first rodeo.

So far we’ve been super lucky.  I actually have zero emotional reaction except let’s git ‘er done.  Take the actions to have it removed and follow up, follow up, follow up with the 6 month check ups.

The C word isn’t going to steal one ounce of worry and fear from our souls.  Amen?

Coincidentally our local news ran this shortly after finding out.



Quoted from the article:

The fire union found in one year, 53 new cancer cases, with nearly half being skin related. It’s all following study after study of an increased risk for firefighters contracting eight different types of cancer including testicular, multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, melanoma, brain, prostate, stomach and colon. “For almost all chemicals that are absorbed through the skin — the higher the temperature, the faster they’re absorbed,” researcher Stuart Baxter, PhD. said. “The presumption was correct — that the cancer was contracted as a result of their occupation.” Since 2006, researchers at the University of Cincinnati have gathered evidence of a link between firefighting and cancer. From the unfiltered clothes they wear, to when and how often it’s washed and repeat exposure to more toxic environments. “These are not the same couches, sofas, carpets, cabinets that our moms and dads used to put in their houses,” Rine said.

Our story will continue.  Just needed to sort of get this off my chest right away because it may just prompt one person to call their dermatologist today and have that “spot” checked out.  There are quite a large number of cancer related organizations all with various missions.

Click HERE more resources and information on cancer and cancer prevention.

Some raise money for cancer research.

Some for awareness.  Don’t let it be you!

Others raise money to support the families dealing with it’s effects.  Many targeted to specific varieties of cancer and demographics, including a few related to firefighter cancer.

Oh, and here’s a little something.   Wash your gear, including your helmet!!!

Firefighter Cancer Foundation and the Firefighter Cancer Support Network are two in particular that I have interacted with personally and share on this site. Thank the good Lord for people who put all that time, money and energy into running those organizations with such a fervent passion.  It’s a reality of our lifetime and each of us has been touched by this beast in some way.

What are you, your family and your departments doing to lower the chances of occupational related cancer?


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