Let’s make Monday something exciting! I feel that it is! Everyday is exciting! We wake up and we are alive! I know how corny that sounds, but corny things are also usually the truest things too, aren’t they? : )

Here are some images that have not yet let my mind.
These photos are very inspiring style wise. They show us some of what we can truly do with the art of dressing!
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This image from Vogue Spain is Stunning!

She is wearing two necklaces, multicolored gemstones, funky eye makeup and yet a soft color and material

Biggest Takeaway: Mix and match your jewelry! It doesn’t have to “match” to look good!

Dreamy: Try wearing two of your necklaces at once, or cover your arm in a variety of your evening bracelets! Have Fun!

Recently, I’ve watched interviews that mention couture and how couture is fantasy; it’s not under the “wearable” category. In my mind I thought, “couture is wearable if you wear it!”

This look is of course very brave. I love it! Pink feathers really speak to my heart and

life is too precious not to wear what speaks to your heart.

Tip: You could do a more subdued version of the feather by having just a few feathers coming out from one of your hats or having feathers on one of your skirts, or feathers on one of your tops. : )

Dreamy: Outfits that are ONE color are STUNNING!




Oh La La !

Tip: A sheer, long scarf will give you that same look as the piece of material around her arms. Cover up that piece with your finger and notice how the look loses a lot of its appeal.

There are TONS of ways that you can wear your sheer scarf to give you that dreamy look and in a way that takes only seconds! For ideas watch my video here: How To Rock a Scarf like an Indian Girl – 7 Ways
Note: Look at how the flowers on the top of the right side of the dress don’t look “Grandma-y” at all! They look elegant, charming and even add a little Spice to the look!


This is my encouragement for us to make our fantasy a reality. This doesn’t have to just be in dressing, but in our lives in general! Do, wear and say the things that you dream of!









Image Credits: , Pinterest 1 and Pinterest 2

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