We have such a great group of ladies keeping us encouraged n the Fit Fire Wife program of The Fire Wife Sisterhood. August we were all challenged to walk, run, jog, bike, MOVE FIFTY miles. 50, less than two miles per day. Even if we didn’t reach the 50 (I didn’t) we still all go out and moved more! October is coming up and Beth McDowell, one of our Fit Fire Wife program leaders is challenging us and stepping it up! Check out the challenge from Beth below. Join us? ~Jessie

Our August 50 mile challenge was a complete success!

The final total included 25 fire wives! In just August a total of 1322.15 miles were recorded!! That is just an amazing number for just one month for busy women! To compare that to a distance, the 25 wives walked from Washington DC to Oklahoma City! That is halfway across the country!!!


We have a new Challenge to offer. The weather is getting cooler (for most of us), leaves are changing and football season has started! FALL IS IN THE AIR!  Since Fire Wives are amazing, and they can handle anything, I am going to challenge you to Fall into 60 miles!

october cover

Everyone rocked the 50 miles challenge, so I want to push the limit and I want everyone to rock 60 miles!!! This is just 2 miles a day!!! Can you do it? I believe that every fire wife can beat this challenge!! Every Saturday you can turn your total for the week into the Fit Fire Wife Facebook page. At the end of the month, every member that hit the 60 mile total will be put into a drawing for a special prize. One winner will be pulled!


Fit Fire Wife is a Sisterhood member only program. If you are not a member of the Fire Wife Sisterhood you can click HERE to head to our membership options page.

If you are a member but not in the Fit Fire Wife group yet and want to join us, CLICK HERE. Beth is going to be keeping us on our toes! Encourage other ladies in the group who might not be able to hit 60 yet, any miles are great miles.  If you hit 60 and still have a few days in the month left, KEEP MOVING!  If you need a boost of encouragement, pop in the Facebook group and ask for motivation!

Fire Wife Sisterhood Members can click HERE for a Sisterhood Member special printable!


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Jessie -

A small town girl from Southwest Georgia who happens to value your marriage as much as she does her own. She is married to a firefighter who was a volunteer for several years, then transitioned into a career fireman the same month they married in 2008, and he is now a Captain at his full-time Department. They have two daughters, have been in the FFW family since 2012 and know marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.