Have you ever seen Lemony Snicket’s:  A Series of Unfortunate Events?  A great book series for 3rd – 5th graders made into another gem of a movie featuring Jim Carrey’s amazing talent.   In that movie, the “bad guys” have created a giant mirrored glass up in a tower that when reflected with sunlight can be directed towards a specific target and set it on fire.  They strike the talented Baudelaire family leaving 3 children orphans and the series goes on with other rare and shocking occurrences of unfortunate events and wise escapes for these kids.


While I knew this was scientifically possible for a mirror and sunlight to start fire, I had never considered this a threat to us personally.  Yes, my husband had seen this happen on fires before.  But it was just one of those many topics we had not discussed together.  (Believe it or not, we don’t talk fire in our house 24/7)   But it crossed his mind when he was in the basement yesterday and saw our daughters make up mirror sitting out on the coffee table.  She is a new contact lens wearer so uses it extensively to help put them in.   He *almost* moved it then but didn’t take the time.  It was like some freaky premonition that you regret not listening to.

Last night we got home from a fun, rare, family day with various stops for errands, dinner, etc.  Everyone had somehow gathered in the basement when I noticed a giant burn mark on our sofa.  I was shocked and speechless thinking someone had been playing with matches or a lighter.  Giant no-no’s in most houses but especially those of firefighters right?   But my husband quickly realized what had happened.  While we were gone that evening (when there was a gorgeous, low, late summer sunset), the sun had hit that make up mirror through the basement window at just the right angle for just the right amount of time to burn a hole the diameter of a QUARTER in our couch.

mirror burn


We all collectively caught our breath as we realized that we had just been spared.  God was watching over us (once again….remember our sparking lamp cord on freshly shampooed carpet last fall?).

2013-11-08 20.45.59

With very, very thankful hearts, we tucked everyone into bed last night with prayers of thanksgiving that He spared us once again.

If that couch had caught fire, we would have lost the house.  It’s on the backside in our basement and although we have smoke detectors and security system to catch it and activate 911, it might not have been detected quickly enough.

So. Lucky.

And that is not another reason to be fearful but a simple Public Service Announcement as we head into Fire Prevention week.  Keep the mirrors away from direct sunlight!

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