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One of the easiest ways for us to teach our children is by showing them and letting them help with related activities.  I used this week to talk to my kids and make sure they know what to do if the house were to catch on fire.  I’ll be honest, we hadn’t done this in a while and it was like starting over, especially with a young child.  I know, I know but here we are… reminding everyone else who might have been putting off a fire safety refresher course!

There are a TON of fun interactive activities with HERE with Sparky and HERE too that my youngest has enjoyed and we haven’t even gotten to everything there is from printable coloring pages to reading apps! Most kids these days love technology and this helps sharing fire safety at home extremely easy, even for us not so knowing moms!

If you’d rather have something in your hands to share, read on for more printables than you have ink! Seriously. My little kid is in LOVE with paper, writing and drawing. Give her a paper with firetrucks and give her a task, and she is on it!  We also have this post HERE talking about GET OUT – STAY OUT, fire safety in your own home.


TippyToe Crafts: 5 little firefighters was a bit messy, but the fun kind of mess. I suggest putting down some newspaper or a cheap plastic table cloth. I know they used cut outs for the faces and hats but if you let the paint hand dry you can use paint for all parts too, that’s what we chose to do… (4 year old vs mama using scissors? Pass!)


We’ve rounded up some great printables and coloring pages that are not only fun but can also save your family in the event you have a house fire.  Do you have a family evacuation and emergency plan?  Do your littles know their address and telephone numbers?  What should they do in the event of a fire???  Print the great FREE resources below and get them all set.  Follow along at!

Learning Personal Information

Fire Safety and Escape Plans

Family Evacuation and Emergency Plan

Fun Firefighter Coloring Pages



Fire Jello! I’m not sure about anyone else but I love Jello, so this cute little project was right up my ally and it’s a great way to sneak in a little lesson on fire too! You need any red, orange and yellow jello and some canned whipped cream. Prepare the red jello as directed in any clear cups or container. Once red is set, prepare the orange as directed and pour over the red jello. Repeat with the yellow. Once ready just let the kids squirt the “water” (whipped cream) on top for a tasty treat!

I made the Jello but my kids said they didn’t need any stinking water and ate them in about 2.4 seconds.  I guess i’m considering that them extinguishing the fire.  The really unfair part is all that work and no jello for mom!  So when you make yours and you like jello… don’t forget to hide one for yourself!!!





This activity is PERFECT for yesterday’s post, FIREFIGHTERS ARE FRIENDS.  It gives the perfect opportunity to list why they are helpers, what they do and what kind of equipment they have. Ooops, when I said there were more printables than ink, that was no joke. I ran out of ink, so I don’t have one to show you like this but we did manage to come up with a list anyway. Drawing is not my thing, so excuse that part and color was brought to you by the 4 year old, Kassidy! (She says she wants to be a girl firefighter when she grows up btw…) HERE you will find the post and templates for both activities.





If you’ve enjoyed these craft ideas and love the DIY side of things, check out our Halloween Costume Round Up for some of our favorite DIY firefighter costumes and accessories to go along with today’s fun!

To wind this week up we hope you all know, keep that knowledge polished and share with your children. Don’t forget to share Fire Prevention with everyone.  It seems everyone thinks they’re exempt until it happens to them.  Fire prevention is everyone’s job. If you’ve enjoyed this week you can revist all of the topics any time at



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