Movember 2014: Submit your Fireman’s mustache!

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Do you know what MOVEMBER is?
It is a play on words changing November to Movember. It is to encourage men to grow a mustache for the duration of the month to bring awareness to male cancers.  You can find out more about Movember in detail HERE.  Did you know firefighters face a much higher risk of cancer? Firefighter Cancer Support Network is a great place for more information about Firefighter cancer and support!  Also, check out our post from last year from one of our own Fire Wife Sisterhood members on facing her husband’s cancer HERE.

Stay tuned during the entire month of November
as we bring more men’s info and health facts!

Now we know that mustache’s get very mixed reviews among the ladies.  For example, my husband looks like a total creeper when he tries to grow one!  And I don’t even need to express my displeasure at the scratchies because our daughters now voice that for me.   There is nothing I love more than a smooth, freshly shaved and yummy smelling cheek!   But….for the cause.  Yes, for the tradition and for the cause…. grow those scratchies and share awareness and support.


Be sure to enter your firefighter’s photo below.  Fill out the form completely and keep your eye on on Facebook for a new daily ‘stach.

You will only get a confirmation on THIS page. Thank you for submitting your entry!

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