The Fire Wife community is always the 3rd thing on my mind (behind God and my family only!) and I know how much we all like a deal. Lately I’ve been “test buying” with some merchants whom I think have FAB-U-LOUS deals and I would recommend. Here’s one called SammyDress / Rose Wholesale.  The clothes are LOW PRICED. As in $12 sweaters.  $8 pants and skirts.  $20 jackets. The shipping is reasonably fast (7-10 days) and a little higher priced.  And they have mens and womens and accessories.    Yesterday I wore this new sweater and my husband commented on it THREE TIMES!  Don’t know what got into him but that must be some sweater.  And I replied each time “It only cost $12!”   Winner Winner.

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BONUS:  If you have a tween / teen girl who’s fitting into women’s styles, this site has some really cute stuff!  My almost 12 year old daughter was drooling over my purchases 🙂

Technically this company is a wholesaler.  Which means companies can buy in bulk at lower prices and resale at a higher price.  But, they offer items one by one at this site as well.  And I’m pretty sure all the clothes are manufactured overseas (you can tell this often by noticing the ethnicity of the models).   Here’s how I leverage sites like this.

1.  Know your body style and fit.  Know what looks good on you and don’t stray when shopping online.  For me, turtlenecks rock.  Big v-necks.  No go.

2.  If something is $3, expect it to last one season, not forever.  (and maybe only 1 – 2 wearings such as with leggings which are all the rage right now)

3.  Preferably buy an item that is shown on a model and not just laying down.

4.  If the model is in a goofy pose or you see something not laying correctly in the photo, it’s not going to lay correctly when you wear it.

5.  What’s safe?  Sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, button down shirts, stretchy pants and leggings and skirts.

6.  What to steer clear of?  Jeans (in my opinion), dresses that are fitted (unless you know you are a perfect size 8), swimsuits (obvious!), shoes (except for maybe casual sneakers / tie shoes)

7.  Buy at larger quantities to maximize your shipping charges and save time.  I go on shopping sprees less frequently and stock up so I’m not always looking for just this or that.

Some of my favorite items are in this gallery.  Click through or just click on any one to browse the store yourself.

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