Many wonder and ask me….how is firefighter husband doing and what does he think about all of this we have going on at Firefighter Wife?  He is of course my biggest fan and also sacrifices so that we can spend time on this effort in the name of encouraging fire families. And some days we are lucky enough to be blessed with his own witty writing.  Today is one of those days.   We’re heading into winter season, which can be a real grumpy burden for us but this year we enter with a different, more positive outlook.  A lot of that is because he’s taken steps to take care of himself instead of always toughing it out (as the fire service profession sometimes demonstrates is the only way.) I’ll let him share. ~Lori @wifeonfire


So here it comes, ready or not winter is just around the corner (or on some of your doosteps already). Living here in central Ohio this means a lot of things. Cold biting wind, crazy drivers who act like they all just moved here from sub saharan Africa and have no idea what to do on an icy surface, hockey fans getting fired up and lamenting about another run at the playoffs.  Winter is a lot of things and for me it hasn’t always been a time I look forward to. I got spoiled early in life and the beloved Marine Corps allowed me to reside in beautiful California for a good six years of my formative years. Since those days the idea of having to take 10 minutes to get ready to go outside and check the mail has always left a bad taste in my mouth.  Along with that bad taste usually came a general bad disposition.  I often wondered if I had Seasonal Affective Disorder or worse as things were just never “great” for me in the winter.

This leads to my main point.  Apparently I’ve put off writing about the amazing effects of Testosterone therapy for just about as long as my beautiful wife is going to tolerate.  Don’t take that the wrong way. It’s not that I didn’t want to write about it, I’ve been running off at the mouth about it to just about anyone who would listen for most of this calender year. Life in general has just been it’s naggy self and I havent had many moments to sit and pound it down on the keyboard.

As many of you know, several months ago I went and had my testosterone  levels checked  at the Low T Center here in our home town.  In a nutshell I was low and got started on a weekly schedule of injections to get me back to a healthy and normal level. Speaking from my personal experience I can’t say enough good things about the therapy.  I’ve gained 19 lbs of muscle and my jeans have begun to fit far more loosly than they did prior to therapy. That benefit alone would have sealed the deal for me. (#vain) Add to that a much improved energy level, especially late in the day. Then add far less pain and stiffness when I swing my dilapidated old self out of bed in the morning. Then add a much more even keeled temperament and ability to deal with the “difficult” people in my life. Then add the ability to actually focus and stay focused on a goal, a project, or even that short list of things Lori asked me to try to accomplish in an afternoon. Then add just the simple desire to get to the gym. All that adding leads to something really big. The desire to get back to the gym was a huge step. I was at a point prior to treatment (and it’s not a proud thing I like to share), where I just really didn’t give a shit. I didn’t care if I worked out, and I didn’t care if anyone noticed that I hadn’t been working out. Lori was a saint for not telling me that I was turning into 200 pounds of soft pale goo. I don’t say all this lightly. As a former military guy who has prided himself on his abilities it wasn’t a good place for me to be. I say all this in nothing more than an honest appeal to anyone who reads it that if you’re feeling the symptoms, go get checked. I grumped around confused and irritated with myself for far too long and only wish someone I knew and trusted had recommended I seek a remedy sooner. If this prompts even one of you to take a step toward overall better health, I’ve accomplished all I wanted with this. Be safe men, take care of each other, we owe each other that.

~ Dan AKA The husband who makes Firefighter Wife legit




Low T Center has made this journey simple for us. It started with an inexpensive test and treatment starting nearly immediately and that alone provided an optimistic shift. We are now almost 6 months in and I’m so grateful for the impact this has had on my husband’s life and in turn our marriage.

We are certainly not saying that low T is a problem for every firefighter. Or that fixing it fixes everything. But it’s so easy to check. And research has shown us that the results are very effective. Ladies, you know how important it is to go for your annual female check up. It’s preventative of other larger issues and gives you the opportunity to address topics like your mood and your energy levels. Encourage your husband to “know his numbers” and do the same.

If he is not already receiving this kind of check up through his fire department physicals or his family doctor, consider checking with a Low T Center with over 50 locations across the country.

To learn more about the how to check for low testosterone, please complete this form:

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