Physical Energy – Nutrition, Fitness, Any health issues holding you back?

Sometimes I feel so down and not on top of my day. And then I realize, it’s not “me”, it’s simply that I do not physically feel good. When you aren’t physically feeling good, you can’t be at your best. And how long do we go without making that doctors appointment or just making a change in our routine to eliminate the headaches, back pains, sinus issues, allergies? The list goes on.

Feeling physically better starts with changes YOU make. Changes to your diet, more exercise, different exercise, go to bed earlier, try some natural remedies – essential oils, epsom salt baths, organic teas. Even if your changes don’t entirely cure your ailment, even if you are diagnosed with an incurable disease or disorder, there is always something you can do to try to improve your physical well being.

Take a personal assessment of your physical health.

  1. Do you feel held back by any ailment?
  2. Do you have a plan to heal and overcome that?
  3. When you feel physically 100% at your best, what led to that moment?
  4. What eating habits, exercise routines, sleep patterns do you have?
  5. What fuels your body to perform it’s best?
  6. What positions / environments to you feel physically on top of your game? i.e. sitting at your desk, in a certain room, running around a hospital / doctors office, working outdoors, in your car.

Don’t go into the space of self depreciation if you have anything that is holding you back.  Everyone can make small improvements to help their physical selves. Start small, for each small goal you reach add a new goal and give yourself some credit!  

I need to…

Make time to fit in more (physical activity or health care)

Eat (these foods)

at Go to bed at _____ and wake up at ____

… to feel my physical best.

What are you doing to ensure you are living your best physical self?


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A small town girl from Southwest Georgia who happens to value your marriage as much as she does her own. She is married to a firefighter who was a volunteer for several years, then transitioned into a career fireman the same month they married in 2008, and he is now a Captain at his full-time Department. They have two daughters, have been in the FFW family since 2012 and know marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.