Mental energy.

No commentary.  We all have these.  Walk through this series of questions and reflect on where you are expending mental energy in wasteful ways.

What’s occupying space in your brain? Anything taking up residence where it shouldn’t?  (Worry, anxiety over things you have no control.  Past hurts you haven’t let go of.)

What are your mental blockers and barriers?  (I’ll never be able to do _____________.  Yes but they ___________.  It’s too late to change ______________.)

What positive tracks do you need to replay in your head to replace the negative ones?

What people in your life expand and enlighten your mental energy? What people enter your life and bring their issues and garbage and you let them store it in your valuable brain real estate?

When is the last time something really stretched your mental comfort zone? How is your memory? Short term / long term?

I need to change this thought pattern ____________________________.



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Jessie -

A small town girl from Southwest Georgia who happens to value your marriage as much as she does her own. She is married to a firefighter who was a volunteer for several years, then transitioned into a career fireman the same month they married in 2008, and he is now a Captain at his full-time Department. They have two daughters, have been in the FFW family since 2012 and know marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.