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Time is nearing and Christmas is less than 2 weeks away.  YES, less than 2 weeks!  We’ve searched for the perfect Do-It-Yourself gifts that are great gifts. They’re easy, fun, will be LOVED and they won’t even break the bank!  Some of these could be for anyone with just a little change here and there… on to our top picks of DIY gifts!


Personal, from the heart.

Need an inexpensive gift that is packed full of love and meaning?  Date nights, breakfast in bed, Christmas fun, the list goes on because if there is an occasion, there is a Diva’s Printable pack. The Dating Divas has something for everyone to put together a thoughtful gift that is personal and from the heart HERE










 Custom Glassware

DIY Etched Glass – Click here!

This isn’t one of those cheesy DIY gifts.  This is a gift I have made myself in the past and my husband loved it, still uses it.  I didn’t do a mustache but you can do anything you’d like.  The options are endless if you have a vinyl cutting machine or a steady hand with an exacto knife!

Not only can you do beer mugs but ANY glass works.  BOOM, gift for anyone!




-OR- these cute Click here for: Painted Wine Glasses


Adding a little color to glassware can make a huge impact.

Use favorite colors.  Team colors.  School colors.

You can personalize these in a hundred different way.




Not the best painter? Use a Sharpie!



Custom Gift Baskets

You can build a custom basket specifically to fit the person you are gifting.  Pick a theme, a basket and start filling.  Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Build Your Own Tin HERE

Countless themes to chose from!

This pin actually has a list of themes and has free printables to go along with each tin.  You could certainly grab a few ideas here.

Great idea for someone who has everything.

The Coffee Lover Survival Kit actually caught my eye.
You always know which of your friends and family love their coffee a little more than the average person.  I totally wouldn’t mind a gift basket like this.  *cough cough*  In case my husband is reading 😉




man basket
The Man Basket HERE

The Man Basket.  Fill it with all of his favorite snacks, beers, drinks, gadgets and dodads.  Any special hobby accessories and must haves.  My husband loves the stylus pens for his smartphone and fancy writing pens that match the other accessories for his button up department shirts.

Switch it up and fill it full of all things girlie and you now have A Girl Basket!




movie night
The Movie Night Basket HERE

You can find these cute little popcorn containers nearly anywhere.

Fill with the movie favorite snacks, popcorn and a new movie!  If you’re gifting to an entire family you could make one for each person or find the larger popcorn bowls, fill with enough smaller ones for the kids and add all the extras.  Romantic comedy for the couple.  Family movie for the whole family.  Cute pG-13 for that tween.






art baskets
The Art Basket HERE

I don’t know one single kid (and a few adults) that wouldn’t love a basket of what seems like endless art supplies.  I built my 4 year old an art basket for Christmas and I know she is doing to love it. I filled it with tons of various papers, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, glues and so much more!

Just be sure you purchase “Washable” crayons and markers… that way clean up isn’t such a chore for the big people!





Ice Cream Sunday – HERE

Pack in everything but the ice cream and you have almost the perfect gift!

You could always build a different food kit with anything that is nonperishable.  Include disposable plates and utensils.  Maybe even put together a real picnic basket full of reusable picnic items!





Spirited Gifts

I don’t drink often but I do appreciate a nice cocktail now and then.  These are some great ideas for those who appreciate the more spirited beverages.  These gifts wont be for everyone but a few you can tweak to make for anyone.  (*You can substitute the alcohol for bottled rootbeer or completely remove and add a new element in most of these if you want to convert into a non-alcoholic gift, still very cute for ANYONE!)

Cranberry Lime Vodka

cran lime vodka

The recipe is HERE!

Yes. Cranberry + Lime + Vodka.

So beautiful. Festive. Yummy.



Cocktail in a Jar


Find these cute jars HERE!
Super cute and totally customizable!
Just get the cute little mini slim soda cans, drop into a jar and pair it with a mini bottle of the perfect alcohol. Throw on a bow, straw and that is a cute gift!  Especially cute to use at a holiday party!


Want to give nonalcoholic jars?

Use a mini water and a bottle of Mio or other water flavor or single serve packs.


The Reindeer Beer

Hilariously adorable.
Pick his favorite beer, throw on some pipe cleaners, googly eyes and red pompom noses and Santa has a 6 pack ready to go!

Swap out for root beer, coke or other bottled beverage of choice!





Chocolate and Wine!








 Simple DIY Gifts

This list is full of simple, great gifts that you can make a personal as you choose.  These Do-it-yourself gifts are ones that they can use over and over again because they have so much functionality!  Those are the best types of DIY gifts.

15 Stocking Stuffer DIY





DIY Bottle Opener

bottle open

DIY Picture Coasters





DIY Fleece Scarf


DIY Fleece No Sew Blanket

diy blnket

DIY Heat Pads

heat packs

DIY Kid’s Fort Kit


DIY Hot Cocoa Kit


From the Fur Babies! Pet Print Ornaments









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