It’s been an amazing couple of years watching this community of fire wives connected at first only online, grow into lifelong friendships and huge passion to be a positive light for marriage and family in the fire service.  So much so that 2015 had a theme of:


To our marriages.  To our own health and well being.  And to the fire service.

But we are missing one major fact.  A Fire Wife is not a Fire Wife without her Firefighter.    Do you know what’s even more powerful that a gathering of fire wives COMMITTED to strengthen marriage, family and friendship?    A gathering of firefighters and their fire wives COMMITTING TOGETHER to do the same.

Yes, at first our husbands were suspicious.  Who are these “friends” you’ve acquired online but never met yet you feel compelled to uplift and laugh with and converse together?   But they gave us the benefit of the doubt and eventually we were able to get these men all together in the same room.  THAT is powerful COMMITMENT.   It happened February 2014 in San Diego at Firehouse World (we’ll be there again….).    It happened at FDIC 2014.   And it happened 100-fold in Chicago at Flame Fest 2014.  And then again and again.

And it didn’t just stop there.  These guys connected.  On. Their. Own.  Without any prompting or nagging from their wives.  They exchanged cell phone numbers and became Facebook friends and now we see their friendship and what it has done in their lives.   They too found a community of like-minded men.  Firefighters they’d be proud to serve alongside.  Firefighters who are also COMMITTED to honoring their wives and marriages.  Firefighters whom they could turn to for solid advice regarding medic school, promotions, firehouse challenges.

While the majority of firefighters are male, married to females, our community doesn’t stop there either.   Same-sex firefighter couples have joined. Female firefighters as well.    Because when there is a strong mission to COMMITMENT to do good in the world regarding marriage and families, gender makes no difference.   It takes two to make a thing go right.  (It takes two to make it out of sight.  90s flashback complete.)

Now don’t fear. and our Fire Wife Sisterhood are going to continue on our trajectory of awesomeness together.   But it would be selfish if we didn’t expand this awesomeness to the rest of the fire service as well.   Our firefighters need a place to be encouraged and strengthened and uplifted in the space of marriage and family and all those intermingled ways the fire service impacts those.   (Pssst…. making a COMMITMENT to your marriage and family makes you no less of a firefighter!)

That’s why we are excited about

FHWorld photo adds resources specifically for firefighters as well.  All the topics we already talk about in the Fire Wife Sisterhood but from a firefighters perspective:

  • What’s the best thing I can say / do for my spouse when I come in after a long shift?
  • How can I find a balance between the necessary training and activities at the firehouse and the needs of my family?
  • Should I talk to my family about that crazy run?  And if so how?
  • How do I continue to honor my marriage in my words and actions when everyone around me on my crew is getting a divorce and spewing negativity about marriage?
  • What are the latest ways to protect myself from exposure to life threatening conditions so that I can live a long life in retirement?
  • I want to come home and be present for my family but I’m so exhausted from the prior night at the station.   How do we make that work with the kids?

We already have Commitment Weekends and our in person events where firefighters are welcome to show their COMMITMENT to this mission.   Now you can expect two new things at our site:

1.  More posts from the firefighter’s perspective in regards to marriage and family

2.  A second inspiring Facebook page for firefighters who know their first commitment is to their family.

We’ve added

  • Marriage on Fire  A couples marriage program with lots of bonuses and an online community!
  • TalkSpace  Access to online therapy to fit your schedule.
  • The Honor Guard A Firefighter Only community for firefighters who honor their marriages and the marriages of their brothers.

We made all of these things happen through the support of our community but we need your help expanding.  As a federally approved 501c(3) non-profit, our funding comes in two forms.  Membership fees and Sponsorship.  If you are committed to this mission, will you support us?   Wives / Fiancees / Girlfriends click here to become a member (or her a membership with the Marriage on Fire Gift Membership HERE!).   For sponsorship inquiries, please use this form.  You can also Donate any amount HERE.

We can’t do this alone.

There is one other thing that is very, very clear to me.   This mission of COMMITMENT in 2015 required a small army to support.  Our audience is growing and now we need to grow our army again.  You can help us help marriages by sharing us and our mission on all of your social media, sign up for a membership or donate to our mission.

If you are a fire service blogger and want to show your COMMITMENT to the cause, check out this page.  I’ve designed some very mutually beneficial ways we can all work together and would love to welcome you to the team.


You can be a strong, capable firefighter without destroying your marriage and family life.

It’s ok to take what seems to be a rather unpopular course and honor your marriage COMMITMENT.

Spouses, you CAN survive some of these extra struggles you face being married to a firefighter when you are surrounded by the right resources and a community of people who are all COMMITTED.

Will you join us?   Pledge to be committed in the form below.  We’ll send you some digital goodies as a small thank you.

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On a mission to be and inspire us all to be better humans, to strengthen fire families & marriages, to nurture and encourage fire wives, do "good business" in all areas of my life and of course, love on my 4 kids.