Did you set a marriage goal this year?   Or maybe you didn’t – but it’s not too late!

(Men….read on because we’re going to show you a super easy way to wow your wife this year!)

Here are some of the best marriage goals I have seen this year:

  • Monthly Date Nights
  • Find something each month that you have never done before and go do it together–act like a tourist in your own town, try a different type of food or a new restaurant.
  • Have quality one to one time each month–not just a “date night” but time scheduled for the purpose of being together, talking, remembering the importance of having a strong marriage. I plan to track my success in both scheduling the time and following through (not letting other things take over the time that was scheduled)
  • Read a marriage book
  • Attend a marriage seminar together
  • Get away to a hotel, ALONE, 4 nights this year
  • Take a walk after dinner at least 3 nights a week 15 – 30 minutes depending on the time available

We set these goals with great gusto and passion at the beginning of the year but so often they fizzle.   But….when you have tools and inspiration to guide you through, your chances of success are so much higher!

This is where our partners the Dating Divas come into play.   They have been inspiring us to have more fun and intimacy and alone time with our spouses for a few years now and their products are simply the best (Trust us with this statement guys!)

In fact, we sometimes make our own printable here specific for the fire families.  But in the case of date ideas and wow-ing your spouse, we’re always going to go with the Divas.

Ladies….you know you’ll want to be pinning these ideas all over Pinterest.

Men….if you even know what this is and print just ONE of these for your wife, you’ve just filled up her love tank for at least the next 48 hour shift.   (Imagine if you did this once a month???)

There are 3 great options for a years worth of marriage focus here.  Read on…

1.  Year of Dates Binder

Here’s how this works.  For the ridiculously low price of $2.97 or $9.97 for the entire year, you are emailed PDF files that look like they came out of a magazine.   You print them and stick them in a binder.  And you look like a rockstar to your spouse.   Click here or on that image to see the details of dates and designs.



2.  Love Letter of the Month Club

Move over, Mr. Darcy.  A new love letter writing master is in town.

Have you SEEN this product from The Dating Divas?

Umm…yeah.   I’m kinda all about this.  Some members of our Fire Wife Sisterhood have already been doing this with amazing success.

Love Letter Stationary


If your spouses’s love language is words, this = dream come true. If my husband did this for me, I’d swoon to death. Just imagine – twelve love letters just for you…each and every month! {Or doing this for your amazing spouse!}

This is a MUST if you’re married to a words lover!

(If you don’t know what love languages are, read the book.)

It not only walks you through how to write the picture-perfect love letter, but it also includes:

  • gorgeous stationary
  • the anatomy of a perfect love letter
  • brilliant delivery ideas
  • print-and-fold cards
  • darling embellishments
  • …and way more!
  • {Seriously…like WAY more}

Wondering what sweet message you’re going to manage to come up with every month? Well, think again. I adore these creative writing prompts! This seriously sold me on the product – it makes customizing something thoughtful super easy!

Love Letter Writing Prompts

There is seriously sooo much to this awesome pack!

The best part is…This gorgeously sweet pack can be yours for only $5.97  (reduced for a short time from $11.97)!

Go and snatch it up, and bring back the power of words in your relationship!

3.  A Year of Goals

If you are more of the intellectual, conservative thinker type, then this is probably going to be your favorite.



Guided questions.  A fresh page each month. Use this for all your goals, but don’t leave out your marriage goals.  As a bonus, set some goals together with your spouse.   And, only $3.97.  (see why we love these??)   Get yours at this link.


So there you have it.  3 choices.  Super low price.  Buy.  Print.  Make your spouse smile every month of the Year!


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