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People operate better and relationships work best when everyone’s love tank is full.  This definitely applies to our marriages as we shared here in this post, but it can apply in any relationship.

Did you know there are love languages for your kids and your crew?  You can help your children take a quiz designed just for them HERE. Just choose child and their age range.

“In The 5 Love Languages of Children, Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell M.D. have applied the innovative system of the 5 love languages to children. This easy-to-read resource gives practical suggestions for understanding how your child gives, receives, and interprets love.

Through real life examples, this book will help you discern your child’s love language and learn how to create a secure environment in which he or she can thrive. Discover how to successfully express your respect, affection, and commitment to your child, and notice the improvement in his or her behavior and in your relationship.” –5lovelanguages.com


You can find both versions for children here:  The 5 Love Languages Children or the The 5 Love Languages of Teenager

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I first read this when my children were very young, ages 5, 2 and newborn.  For the 5 year old I could begin to pick up a couple traits but it wasn’t so clear.   By the time they were in first or second grade, I could really notice some of their own love languages shining through.   One really loved helping me with tasks around the house.  Another responded well to long, tight hugs to calm them down.  And yet another really beamed whenever you gave him words of praise.   Figuring out what really makes your child shine and fills their love tank helps them to feel loved in the way that most speaks to them.

One way to discover their love language…..think about what makes them beam.  Watch what they love to do, what they say, how they touch (or don’t touch) others.

  • What makes your child beam?
  • At what age can you start to see response?
  • Mostly what they demonstrate is their language.
  • Luke is a helper – acts of service kid.
  • Maya is a word gusher like her dad!
  • Macie thrives on words of affirmation and QT.
  • Jackson… acts of service.

This applies beyond our children even.  Think about relationships with co-workers.

One of my husband’s crew members recently retired.   Having been around him just a bit, I knew he wasn’t a words of affirmation kind of guy.  My husband always told stories of this partner bringing him cups of coffee or his favorite candy bar.   For his retirement, he did not want a big party.  Instead, he gave each member of his crew this nice gift.   His love language was clearly Gift Giving.

Untitled (11)You can observe them just as you can your spouse and children to see what they seem to be speaking to others around them.  You’re likely to see exactly them expressing their own Love Language to everyone else.

Inside of us all is a love tank.  We all have the ability to fill the tanks of the ones around us by learning and speaking their love language whether it be our spouse, children or even co-workers.  When we realize how to help refill these tanks, dynamics of relationships can improve so much.  People with full love tanks, fill other’s love tanks.


If you missed the first post, Learning To Speak The Language of Love, be sure to go back and read it too for great ideas on how to speak your spouse’s Love Language.

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