So what happens when he’s not a firefighter anymore?

I mean, let me correct myself because recently I was quickly reminded by many that they never stop being firefighters 😉   What happens when he stops being on shift, on call, at the station, taking runs, otherwise known as retirement?

For many lucky firefighters, this comes at an age a lot younger than others retire.   In the corporate world, I’ve worked with people well into their mid to late sixties.  Same goes for teachers and doctors and many other professions.

But professions like firefighting, which take more physical wear on the body, retirement comes a little sooner.  And then what?   Especially when there are still kiddos at home and many years of life left to live to their fullest.

It’s a major life adjustment that’s for sure.   Here’s a view from one of the newest retired firefighter wives on day one of retirement.  (Let’s ask her again at day 100!)


This picture is pretty much how I feel today. I survived fire life!! Yes fellow fire wives you can survive this crazy life and live to tell the stories!

Almost 19 years with my fire fighter, 4 kids, special needs diagnosis for 3 of our kids, losing my dad to cancer, both of us in college, more surgeries than I can count between the 6 of us, on duty injuries, wildland fire assignments, a wildland fire in our “backyard” that I ended up evacuating me and the kids for, so many Christmas parties and pancake breakfasts.

It sure had it’s ups and downs but we held close to each other and made it to the other side. I don’t know if there is a wife out there that needs to hear this today or maybe this post will be found later by a struggling wife, BUT you can survive. YES it won’t always be easy but hey you found this group (the Fire Wife Sisterhood) right?? I sure wish I had found something like this years ago, I don’t think those early years would have been such a struggle!!!

So now it’s my turn to get to sit back and cheer on those younger fire wives.


Thanks for that inspirational message for the day Rhonda!

I asked Rhonda how she was feeling heading into this new world and here’s what she shared

It’s day one, it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. Excited to move on, scared of the unknown, sad that we’re leaving our “family”.  Oh and scared of life with him home EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, only a fire wife would get that LOL.   And of course he’s not fully retiring, he starts his new job Monday morning at the hospital doing IT

We’re checking back to get some tips Rhonda!   And just because he’s retired, doesn’t disqualify you from the Fire Wife Sisterhood.  We have to make up for all those years when it didn’t exist 🙂

Congratulations Ret. Captain Dan Shearer and his supportive family!

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