Romance the Write Way

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romance the write way


When the words won’t come out of your mouth the right way, you need to try the write way.

Ok, that’s totally cheesy but so totally the truth.   Many times I’ve been at a loss for what to say to my spouse and have had to sit and think and reflect and pour my heart out on paper.   (And then delete it all and start over because too many frustrations came out!)

There is truly a connection between the mind and what flows out of the hand physically that helps us think and retain and structure our thoughts better.  And it doesn’t just have to be in a crisis but “just because.”

Remember finding those sweet love letters in your grandma’s attic?

How awful would it be for our children to not have that experience.   Because I’m pretty sure they won’t be searching gigabytes of text messages to find those sweet sentiments we wrote to each other.   So we are challenging you to bring back the romance of the love letter.

Maybe your marriage needs to be revived or perhaps you just want to be proactive and keep things fresh.

Our friends at Engaged Marriage have this great program to help fire up the passion in your marriage by helping couples communicate in one of the simplest and most meaningful ways. Communicating through love letters.

If you don’t think you can write a love letter, or have no idea where to start, don’t let that stop you. They take all of the intimidation out of trying to craft a letter to your spouse by providing every step you should take.  Guys, don’t worry, there is a husband and a wife section, you can’t go wrong!  This program contains everything you need to craft a beautiful letter to your spouse and includes checklists, fill-in-the-blank templates and dozens of writing prompts. 

How To Rekindle The Romance (And Intimacy)
In Your Marriage With A Step-By-Step Process
That Takes Less Than 15 Minutes

With the Love Letter Template you’ll…

  • Become a healthy obsession to your spouse again (they won’t be able to stop thinking about you)
  • Improve your communication so you fight less and enjoy the “happy spouse” much more often
  • Put the passion back in your sex life (after all…when you take the first step, it will reignite your spouse’s romantic side even if it’s been missing for a while)

You can find out how here at this link: Romance the Write Way



Here at Firefighter Wife, we review a variety of marriage programs and bring you the ones we think are effective and affordable.  And we do so through close partnerships.   Engaged Marriage is generously supporting our mission to serve marriages in the fire service with each purchase of their program.




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