Even more courageous than being a firefighter, is being a spouse who is committed to their marriage.

The courage to stay true and honor your marriage in a society where relationships are sometimes disposable.

The courage to do the hard work to stay close and connected and strong in a marriage where time and danger can easily pull you apart.

We are honored to stand alongside our partners at QALO Ring with our common mission:

To Honor, Strengthen and Support Marriages and Families in the Fire Service

Proceeds from every Thin Red Line ring sold go to our organization and the National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation.

Please support fire families with your purchase of the Thin Red Line QALO ring.

A constant reminder on duty and off that not only does EVERYONE GOES HOME, they go home to a safe, loving, supportive marriage.

Commitment Weekends

Thank you to QALO for your support as our primary sponsor for the event that embodies commitment to the fire service AND our marriages.cw-1024x168_web

It’s an adventurous and romantic weekend get-away focused on fun, relaxation and strengthening your marriage.

Meet other firefighters and their spouses from around the country and build a network of lifelong friends who share your love of the fire service and the desire to honor and ignite their marriages in all the good ways.  There are 4 locations to choose from.  Go ahead and put in those vacation days!  To learn more about Commitment Weekends or to Register, Click here: CommitmentWeekend.com




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Firefighter Wife on a mission to save fire marriages, nurture and encourage other fire wives and love on Jesus, my firefighter and our 4 kids. Blessed to be leading this amazing community of Fire Wives.

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