When that trust is broken, getting it back is not instantaneous.  Even when there is complete forgiveness and apology and your marriage is back on track, that little gremlin of mistrust can hang around.  It may take months or years to rebuild.

It’s totally legitimate that trust takes time to build (and rebuild).   No partner should ever expect the other to just instantly forgive and drop it.

Oh, and by the way, trust isn’t just about the infidelity topic.  It could be about money.  Or addictions.  Using alcohol or tobacco.  Gambling or pornography.     It’s maybe as simple as “he never does what he promises”.   All those moments of not following through can make a spouse feel like they can’t be counted on.

The fire service makes for many opportunities for untrustworthy actions.   Spouses are away from each other for long periods of time with no contact.   Friends and co-workers sometimes cover for them.   It’s not pretty.

This is a heavy subject.   Worthy of it’s own attention and focus.

If this is something you are dealing with right now (or have in the past and still struggle with the trust factor), our partners over at One Extraordinary Marriage are offering a webinar this week on this exact topic.

We’re grateful to have partners like Tony & Alisa who have been there personally, openly share their story and do an amazing job at coaching couples back into a loving, trustworthy marriage.

Click here to learn more about their online workshop



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