It’s been exactly 2 years since 100 women stepped up and said “Yes!  I believe in this mission and will be a charter member of the Fire Wife Sisterhood.”

Without that initial seed funding and their positive attitude, we would not be where we are today.   Over 700 paid supporters later, we are now in a position to have a staff of 6 part time administrators and over 30 volunteers helping us to create the welcoming atmosphere that is ever present in the Fire Wife Sisterhood.

In the Fire Wife Sisterhood, we are challenged as a group of women to be our best selves and the best wives and moms possible.

We are loved on when we are down.

We are mentored and counseled when we need wisdom.

And we are always encouraged.

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And now, we are ready to take that spirit even further into the fire service family with a new free level of Fire Wife Sisterhood access.

Wives, fiancees and girlfriends of firefighters can participate in our Fire Wife Sisterhood, Rescue My Marriage, Fit Fire Wife communities and more at no charge.   Or try one of our new recently opened communities – Fertility Support or Celiac / Gluten Free Support.   And expect more of those niche groups to form as we grow.

And, the same for our men in the newly opened 24-7 COMMITMENT Honor Guard.


Now operating as a 501(c)3 in the state of Ohio (federal pending), we do need and appreciate your individual donations and for those who want to give, we offer even more good stuff.

Many businesses and non-profits come and go.  Our goal here is to build a sustainable support structure for the fire service and beyond.   By strengthening the core foundation of our families we are sending better equipped firefighters to the firehouse.  We are striving to change the dynamics toward marriage and those awful statistics about the divorce rate.

Without rambling further, we invite you to just step in and join us.  Be a part of something good.  A mission that honors our marriages and our families and that challenging profession our firefighters partake in.

Here are all the details to register

See you in the Sisterhood (and men….we hope you get as much out of the Honor Guard as our husbands have in only the first 7 days!)


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On a mission to be and inspire us all to be better humans, to strengthen fire families & marriages, to nurture and encourage fire wives, do "good business" in all areas of my life and of course, love on my 4 kids.