Father’s Day is quickly approaching (Less than a week away now?!) and that leaves some of us scrambling for meaningful gifts. No matter if you prefer special DIY gift or the checkbook just doesn’t have much give, these ideas are great, personal and would look great on any desk or locker at the firehouse!  Such a great way to connect the kids to daddy while he is at the station.

We scoured PINTEREST for the best DIY gifts for all of those fire daddys!  You can click on the heading of each photo to see more, get instructions or pin it for later!


Foot Print Fire truck


Check out this pin from Sweet and Lovely crafts.  You could easily make a fleet of trucks if you have several children.  Just have them make their own, tape a few pieces of paper together or use the extra large construction paper!  Personalize them as you wish.

Hand Print Firefighters


This great pin comes with all of the step by step instructions to create your own little team of mini firefighters, complete with cute poem.  I’ve actually done this with my own children and its super easy!  Just plan for the fun mess!


Daddy is SMOKIN’


This pin is actually from a ceramics shop, but it’s such a cute idea and easily a DIY gift.  You can use acrylic paint on a while plate or platter (Dollar Tree is a great place for these!) or you can do this on tile, glass or paper.

Hydrant Picture Frame


This picture frame didn’t come with instructions.  It looks like the pinner created this herself and pinned but I could not find any instructions for this.  It looks fairly simple and for those who are super crafty, can be done in a variety of ways.  Even without directions, this was too cute to pass by!



Personalized Photo Gifts

Firefighter Prayer 2


my daddy the fireman fathers day 2015

Another great idea is picking a favorite picture and adding a poem, phrase or prayer. There are sites available for free to create your photos online, save and print.  You can print from home or use a printing service.  These could be in picture frames, turned into magnets or even put on other gifts if your printer can process before the big day!



The BEST Father’s Day Print Pack 

Fathers Day Pinterest - No Price

Last but not least!  The Dating Divas bring us lots of extra special packages fairly often and Father’s Day is a great one.  Doesn’t this one look fun?!  There are so many items to choose from in this print pack, you can see them above or see what is listed below.  This pack is full of great ideas to make Father’s Day a special day (and some of you may want to stretch it over several important occasions, you’ll see that it is jam packed full of products!)  Let the kids make it extra special with their own personalities on their own projects!

  • Four Amazing Father’s Day Cards – I literally can’t get enough of the “SHIRT” card! There is even a pocket to insert a gift card!! Genius! One card is designed to look like a wallet with a spot inside where you can insert a father’s day gift card – love it!
  • Clever Father’s Day Room Service Kit – Includes a door hanger, blank menu for you to fill out, tags, flags {for straws/picks}, & food cards.
  • Coupon Book Father’s Day Gift – This includes “Daddy & Me” coupons with fun activities to do with Dad, Daddy service coupons with acts of kindness to do for Dad, and blank Daddy Coupons for you to personalize with your own ideas or leave them blank and let Dad fill them in with whatever his heart desires!
  • Ideas For the Kids: Printable Father’s Day Ties – Make Dad wear a tie this Father’s Day! You can print ready-to-go tie OR the black and white version for the kiddos to color. Simply attach with string or elastic and he’s ready to celebrate!
  • Ideas For the Kids: Printable “Dad” Glasses -A hilarious photo prop you can hand the DAD of the house right before pictures!
  • Mustache “Happy Father’s Day” Banner – Print, cut, string on ribbon, and hang to brighten up the home for this holiday! It even has printable TIES you can put in between words!
  • Ideas For the Kids: “All About Dad” Booklet Gift – This easy-to-follow booklet is the perfect present for a little one to give their dad! There are fun fill-in-the-blank questions about Dad, a place to list “Why I Know My Dad Loves Me,” and “Why I Love My Dad,” a place to draw a picture and a spot for a heartfelt letter.
  • Ideas For the Kids: “All About Grandpa” Booklet Gift – We didn’t forget about this dapper chap! Yeppers – he gets a booklet like the one above as well!
  • Three Colorful Frame-able Quotes – These can either be decor to put in your home OR a present to frame, wrap, and give to that special Dad in your life.
  • Father’s Day Gift: T-Shirt Iron On Transfer – Two designs in two different colors to choose from! Simply print your favorite design onto iron-on transfer paper, then follow the directions on the paper package to transfer the design to a T-Shirt for him! Another great gift he’ll love!
  • 25 MORE Father’s Day Ideas – Save this hyperlinked PDF to your desktop for even more ideas to make this Father’s Day one he won’t soon forget!

Everything you need and more to create a great and personal Father’s Day, or help the kids make it extra special!  If you’re interested in this fun filled print pack, look no further. For one small price you get everything above.  Get your’s below!

Get Print Pack HERE 



shadow box

Let the kids help build a Shadow Box like this POST.  You can even let them create a less expensive version on their own with a shoe box!



 Now, the big question is… which one/s do you choose?!





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