Stand By Your Man – A Word from a Firefighter Husband

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{One of our favorite things EVER is when our husbands, the firefighters, write in to share words.  Their words are so powerful to the men around them everyday on the job.  And we are so grateful for their courage to speak them out loud.  Thank you Dave!  And for letting your awesome wife Michele be a part of our Sisterhood!   Lori @wifeonfire }

Dear Fire Wives,

Want to share with you something God has laid on my heart. This is me being transparent for the benefit of the firefighter couples.

I have been teased all my life for being short. Some mean spirited and some for fun ( I don’t mind the fun teasing). Being short has never been an issue with Michele. In fact, several years into our marriage, I asked Michele if me being short ever bothered her. Michele’s reply was “you may be short in stature, but your tall in character! Over the years, these simple words of encouragement have meant more to me than you can imagine.

I share this to say: Ladies, be your husband’s biggest supporter. Be his cheerleader, his advocate and have his back.  You never know what words will do for your big tough firefighter. Like wise, husbands speak kind words to your wife. Don’t put her down. We all struggle with issues and you know what your wife’s is. Hers could be weight or family issues or feeling like she doesn’t fit in. Be sensitive and love her. Try to look at things from her perspective and how difficult it is while you are away.

I have a friend who is a manager at a large chain grocery store. Early in his marriage, he and his wife were having big problems. One day his sweet wife was ready to leave him. She told him that he treats the baggers at work better than he treats her. Thankfully, he came to his senses and they have a great marriage. Men, could you imagine if we treated or talked to the public like we talk to our wives. Some of us would not have a job anymore.

Lastly, remember stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Well, we all know that is not true. Words hurt or heal. Imagine your spouse standing on the edge of a cliff. Do your words pull her/him back or push her/him over the cliff. Let our homes be our sanctuary.  Where you feel safe and accepted.

My God Bless our Marriages.

Dave and Michele Yarbrough have been married for almost 24 years. They have three children: Jacob, 20; Jared, 17, and Jenna, 12. Dave has been a firefighter for Gwinnett County, GA for 18 years and 7 years with the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department.. They reside in Monroe, GA.



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  1. Nichole

    Beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I’m lucky to have a husband who knows how to leave the fire department at the fire department 95% of the time, and I really appreciate his ability to do so.

  2. Kacy

    Beautiful Dave!!! Our men need gentle reminders in this area sometimes! Often women ask why does the department get your best, but we get your worst?

  3. Jimmy Wilson


    I have known you literally all your life. You are one of the BEST Men I have ever known. Your commitment to your family is obvious by everything you say and do. You are an incredible role model of loyalty and sacrificial love. We would all do well to emulate your life and follow your wise counsel written above.

    Your lifelong friend,
    Jimmy Wilson

    • Michele Yarbrough

      Jimmy! I just saw this! Thank you!


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