Marriage Gratitude 3: Responses

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I am grateful for the way my spouse responds when I tell them… [insert your words here].

What would you insert there?

It’s a great thing to know you are able to open up to your spouse and tell them what you are feeling, thinking, dealing with or something that could potentially pose an issue, and have them respond in a way that demonstrates love.

There’s an intimacy and bond strengthening experience when you’re comfortable enough with each other to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Tough conversations strengthen your relationship when you can be honest and open, even when the topic is hard or uncomfortable.  Talk it out.  Your spouse should be the one person you can talk to, you’re teammates for life… partners right?

Let’s look at the flip side of this, are you responding in a loving way or are you going off of knee jerk reaction?

Reacting vs responding makes such a huge impact on communication in your marriage.  Do you need to step back and think about how you feel and how you want to respond?  Reacting on your initial knee jerk thoughts can prevent healthy communication.

This is where you can “Practice the Pause”.



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