Welcome to day 7.  Lucky #7!

Are there any superstitions or inside secrets that you only share with your spouse?  

Rituals you perform when either of you are heading to work, not saying the “Q” word or some other special insider detail as a couple? These are intimate details in your lives that can never be taken away, you two will always share those moments. 

group main logoDo you ever feel like you are missing friends who understand the fire life?   Or other firefighters who like to say good things about their spouse?

Find those kind of new friends in our 24-7 COMMITMENT communities.

The Fire Wife Sisterhood is for women married to or dating a firefighter and the 24-7 Commitment Honor Guard for men who are devoted to their marriages and firefighting.

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Jessie -

A small town girl from Southwest Georgia who happens to value your marriage as much as she does her own. She is married to a firefighter who was a volunteer for several years, then transitioned into a career fireman the same month they married in 2008, and he is now a Captain at his full-time Department. They have two daughters, have been in the FFW family since 2012 and know marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.