The Refresh Begins Now

When it became December 1st a few days ago, I had a little jittery panic moment.  Only 30 days left in this year…..time to finish out those goals and begin thinking about what 2016 will bring.

It’s a great time to hit the “refresh” button and get a clean start.   Now.  Not January 1st but now.

But where do you start?   Do you start by writing down a few goals?

There’s actually a step before that.

In the past, I sort of blew off resolution setting and “life planning” as it felt too superficial and cheesy.   Until last year.  I participated in a program beginning in December of 2014 and just one year later, I’m on a more rewarding and satisfying life trajectory.   So this year, I totally want to share it with you.  Because all good things should be shared.

And for real, this shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch.  I hate sales pitches.  Hear my story.  If it inspires you, do what you will with it.  I just can’t let a good thing not be shared if it’s going to help someone.   In 2015, I left a corporate job that was taking all the best of me away from my family.   It was hurting my health because of the demanding schedule.  I wanted to get out of that but didn’t realize how much a program like this could help.  (Especially a free one!)

It all starts with a free video series from NYT bestselling author Michael Hyatt.  It’s called “Designed Life” and you can access it here.

If you’ve ever felt like there was something standing between you and the things you want most in life, this will give you some insights.

Around here at 24-7 COMMITMENT we know that our marriages, our own health and fitness, or just seasons of life can really need some intentional focus to stay positive and encouraged and well, smiling through our days.

I’m a big fan of Michael’s videos because he brings a very real, and helpful, and all encompassing view on our lives that will help you transform in any area – marriage, family, work or your health.

With this series, you can finally get clear on how setting goals can truly transform your life — even if you’ve tried in the past and failed.

It’s free, but only for a limited time. Sign up today and you’ll receive and email with access details.

FYI…. In the first video, Michael will ask you three questions.  Your answers can set you up to have your best year ever. Go watch it today:  Designed Life

PS:  You’re worth it!  I hope you spend some time on you this busy season.

PPS:  At the end of this series, Michael will offer his Best Year Ever program.    I am an affiliate and our non-profit organization will receive compensation for anyhow who purchases.  Yes I have to legally disclose that but more importantly, I want to tell you ethically.  And because I will not promote any programs I have not personally tried and vetted for our audience.  And because, you should support partners like this who support our mission.  HOWEVER, if all you do is take in his free video series, your life will be better.  So just take these free videos as a gift <3

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