Efficiency is so important to me.  And so is helping people.  So let’s do both.  From a place of genuine helpfulness that serves our mission – to strengthen marriages and families.   We simply can’t do that if we aren’t operating at our best.    I don’t want to waste your time so read this if any of the following describe you:

  • You’re stuck in a job you don’t like or that’s tough to deal with (we know, firefighters don’t make career changes often but you can make changes inside that career!)
  • You wish you had more time with your family
  • You’re not happy with your physical health.  You don’t feel as strong and physically able as you’d like to be.
  • You’re not making the progress with your career that you’d like
  • You have some major projects to accomplish (perhaps around your house or with a volunteer organization or with your family)
  • You’re so frustrated with your marriage you don’t know where to turn next.

I can write that stuff because I’ve been in all of those places at some point in my life.   Feeling stuck, trapped or overwhelmed is not a healthy state to live in.

Thinking “I’ll just push through here.  The money is good even though I don’t like the work or the toxic atmosphere.” is not a healthy way to spend our limited days.

You can read all day long inspiring articles and memes on the internet but it’s not going to change any of the above.  I know this because I did that for awhile too.   Doing and taking action is what makes a difference.   Physically writing down your goals is where you start.  But how do you form those goals?   How do you make them not just another new years resolution that never sticks?

I was stuck in this same cycle repeatedly for many Decembers leading into January only to find myself feeling defeated by about January 17th when the new year was no long fresh and shiny and there were no signs of anything different taking place.   But then I tried Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever program.

You want to know something else about me?   I don’t like being salesy.   But I’m still learning how to help and offer good things without being too salesy.  It’s my personal issue so you can walk with me through it.  Transparency is a gift of mine 😉   The non-salesy part of me is here to tell you that yes you will be offered to buy the Best Year Ever program after you watch the free video series.   (And if you do, a large portion of the proceeds comes back to 24-7 COMMITMENT to support our marriage mission.  Yeah!)

In case you’ve missed my story… in 2015 I left a 20+ year career in corporate America that provided very well for our family but kept me away from home, exhausted, on the road and dealing with politics that quite honestly do not really matter in the grand scheme of things in life.   My heart hurt that the best of me was poured into excel and powerpoint presentations that will help the next widget created and were helpful to the awesome team of people I worked with (yes! I loved them!) but did not seem to be making even a small dent of impact on improving lives in this world.   Plus it really hurt my family.  Really a lot.

This year I’ve been able to focus entirely on 24-7 COMMITMENT, an amazing cause helping a very worthy and grateful community maximizing my talents, and be home more with my family.   Don’t be jealous or feel like you could never get here – take action and you can be typing a story like this in comfy sweatpants in your cozy home office just after kissing your children good bye for the school day too.


For three years now I’ve lived in the Fire Wife Sisterhood community and read the emails that pour in everyday and I see how much hurt there is out there in our community.   It would be not right of me to not share something that works so well.  Yes it costs money.  Just like schooling, you pay more to send your child to be school program with better results.  Why don’t you apply this to your own life? (Psst – You’re worth it!)

And no matter what else I write or post here, I could not make a program as strong as this one.  There are some posts we read and emails we get that it’s tough to know what to say.  Because that person needs to step up and own some of the improvements that are needed in their life.   And this program has been one of the keys to doing just that.

If any of this describes you, I encourage you to take a step this December and invest in yourself.  Spend time thinking about what you want your “best life ever” to look like.   The act of pondering, dreaming, and writing it down and making a plan are the actions.

But our most important goal at 24-7 COMMITMENT is inspiring people to live that 24-7 COMMITMENT lifestyle.

Get yourself in the best place possible – physically, mentally, spiritually – so you can be the best husband / wife possible and then together as a team, crush your goals for your life – career, family and fun.

So the Best Year Ever program comes highly recommended by us.   Today is the first day you can buy the course and through the end of the day tomorrow (Friday Dec. 11th) you receive a bonus that’s amazing.  Michael always overdelivers with his programs.

if you have any questions, you know I’ll answer them.  On twitter @wifeonfire or email me at   I truly pray this message sets some families free from the struggles they are in and gets them on a path to new growth in 2016.

Registration is only open for the a very short period of time.  After that, he closes it down to focus on supporting the new class of people going through the program.  He explains everything here:

Not interested in buying a program?   Just click through and watch the free videos.  They are so helpful.

And keep being a part of our 24-7 COMMITMENT community that’s cheering you on.  But please, take action.  Take steps towards living a more fulfilled life.

Ok.  I got through that salesy stuff and hope you feel my heartfelt sentiment in here.  We care about you!  Lori

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On a mission to be and inspire us all to be better humans, to strengthen fire families & marriages, to nurture and encourage fire wives, do "good business" in all areas of my life and of course, love on my 4 kids.