Although lights are twinkling, candy canes flock trees, jolly music is playing in every store, the difficult world of the fire life does not stop. Tragic medical calls, people losing homes and loved ones to fires, horrific auto accidents, firefighters dealing with depression and suicides, and line of duty deaths are just some of the things that affect our families during the holiday season.

As a firefighter wife, we have to strengthen our hearts so we can support our firefighters. More

This season commit to serving others, supporting your family and your firefighter. By giving to others of our time, donations, gifts, words, or even just listening at times, we can focus on the meaning of the holiday season instead of the pity and sadness that come and go with seasons of our lives. Brighten your Christmas spirit by putting on Christmas music, baking cookies with your kids for the station, decorating, watch Christmas movies together as a family, take a Christmas lights drive, visit family. Others can feel your holiday spirit shine through. If you are having a hard time getting in the mood, try sitting down and writing a list of everything you have to be thankful for. You might be surprised at how it changes your outlook.


If you can’t get rid of your Holiday Blues, call someone who can.



Depression is no joke. Unfortunately, sometimes the holiday season can be a depressing time for some people. If you feel like you are having more than normal Holiday Blues, you can call 877-974-0262. A number specifically for first responders and their families dealing with depression.

TalkSpace is another great resource (psst, we get a discount!). It is an online therapist service. Visit to register, learn more, and get a discount on services.



If your firefighter is dealing with a line of duty death, PTSD, depression, or anxiety, have them read over our Help for Handling a Crisis page. It is filled with resources for firefighters.

Remember, this too shall pass. 

Seasons of life change. Once a moment is gone, it is gone. Take advantage of the little moments you have, and make them special for your family however you can.

Be the example of Holiday Cheer in your fire life. And enjoy the celebrations!

Here is a little more motivation to making it through the holidays with a smile and a grateful heart:

Celebrations of Life; Don’t Let the Holidays Feel Hopeless

Or this FirefighterWife Youtube video;

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