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***DISCLAIMER: The following content may not safe for work, public places or children. It contains our Fire Up Your Love Life Gift Guide.  This gift guide is meant to Fire Up Your Love Life and bring a closer connection with your spouse.  Proceed at your own risk 😉 

NOTE:  Links available at time of posting. Some of the following links may no longer be available, but you still get some great ideas! 

If you’re still reading, I promise this will not be TOO graphic but there is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse. That is exactly what this gift guide is for and we hope you find something that suites your tastes!  We understand that everyone’s comfort levels are different, no need to try anything suggested unless you and your spouse are completely comfortable.  There is surely something for everyone here.

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The Fire Up Your Love Live

engaged marriage

Dr. Ruth 1

Bring Back the Romance Workshop

With the right attitude and some solid advice, you can definitely recapture those giddy feelings.

Dr. Ruth’s Sex After 50

Revving Up the Romance, Passion & Excitement with Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer, world-famous sex therapist.

sex checks

Spicey Dice

card game


Sex Checks

The checkbook includes 30 IOUs and 30 UOMEs, making it easy for you to get back what you give.  Don’t worry, they aren’t ALL sex related.

Spicy Dice

These dice are full of spice!  Feeling lucky? Take a roll and see what to do, where and how to your spouse!

Card Games for Couples

Prepare for sex positions of fun, new, and exciting playful connection with your spouse 😉

The Ultimate Intimacy Pack

The Dating Divas want to add spice into your regular date night routine– ALL YEAR LONG!

Kama Sutra Kit 1

chocolate paint

blind fold


Kama Sutra Kit

You don’t need to travel to enjoy this fabulous kit!

Edible Body Play

Indulge your artistic muse with these decadently rich edible body paints and powders.

Satin Blindfold

YEAS Satin Eye Mask Blindfold


Great for those who fancy some light, tactile play


massage oil

body dust

massage candle

K-Y Yours + Mine

His excites. Hers delights. Together feel them ignite.

Massage Oil Set

Give and receive great aromatic massages with this oil set infused with natural essential oils, skin-smoothing emollients and nourishing Vitamin E.

Edible Body Dusts

Kama Sutra Body Dusts (Some complete with feather duster!!)

Massage Oil Candle

Wax-free and they naturally burn at a low temperature so they won’t burn the skin.

long pillow

wedge pillow

Liberator Hipster

Sculpted to follow the contours of the human form

If this isn’t spicy enough for you,
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The Fire Up Your Love Live

*Most links shared are affiliate links.  We do receive some commission from sales to these links. That means a tiny portion of your purchase goes toward the mission of honoring, strengthening and encouraging Fire Service marriages and families. Thank you for your support!




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