Put Your Love on the Books for Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air!

Do you remember when you got engaged, the first time “I love you” was exchanged, your wedding day, a special hike, vacation, date night, etc.? Do you want to share a story or just tell your spouse all the reasons why you love them in a unique way?

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, and we found a really sweet way to share your love. 

Sometimes our emotions are more easily expressed through written words. Check out lovebookonline.com. You can create a hard or soft cover book and customize it any way you choose.

Just trying it out was so much fun. I know my firefighter would not only get a laugh, but also know how much I love him with this book he can go back and read anytime he wants.



Every day





As fire wives, we have a phrase that only we truly understand.

“Baking cookies”

Another thing we all know too well is Movember.

You can capture these in the pages of your book along with many, MANY other hilarious choices.


facial hair


The whole book doesn’t have to be a comedy, even though it easily could be with the choices they have, you can also add in the more serious side of your love.





If you can’t find the perfect page to express your feelings, you can always create your own!


There are so many ways to express your love this Valentine’s Day, this book is just one option.

Go to lovebookonline.com to create your own book!

Whether or not we give and receive gifts on the day of love, we know in the fire life to be thankful for our loved ones every single day.

You can never say, “I love you,” too many times. You can never give enough hugs and kisses.

In the spirit of “ivow” 2016, let’s all vow to celebrate the love we are blessed with every day we are given.




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