When it comes to running, there are basically two categories of runners:

  1.  Hate it.
  2.  Love it.

If you love running, you have probably heard about this before.

If you hate running, this just may make you love it…at least while you are doing this run! Bonus -the kids can come too!

It is just as important to set small, attainable goals as it is to set the big goals in life.

Any motivation we can give ourselves and our family to be healthy is good motivation. And if that motivation comes in the form of getting splashed with color and laughing our way through a course, so be it.


If one of your resolutions this year was to get fit, read on. This may be just the ticket to keep you on the track to having a healthy 2016.

One fun goal you can set for yourself, your family, or as a local group goal is The Color Run. It is a 5k, so it is doable even for you non-runners. Run, jog, or crawl your way through this 5K getting splashed with color as you go with a group of other fun-loving runners and non-runners alike.

Gather your family and join in a local 24-7 COMMITMENT group with other fire families in The Color Run!

It isn’t even a timed race, so there is no pressure (unless you want to put some on yourself), just laughter and fun.

Break out your jogging pants and start training for the most fun run you can participate in this year!

Coming soon…. 24-7 COMMITMENT team t-shirts!

Find a Color Run Near You!

The Color Run has become the “happiest 5k” across the country. Find The Color Run in your area or participate in one of our local 24-7 COMMITMENT Color Runs:

Chicago, IL

Washington DC

Birmingham, AL

Cincinnati, OH

Denver, CO

Buffalo, NY

Color run





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