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So, you’re planning a wedding.  First things first.  There are SO many helpful DIY tips and tools out there to help the self-sufficient Bride.  We’ve found our favorites from the big names we all love to those charming well put together Printables, and even some great freebies too!  Find your perfect fit to begin planning the first day of the rest of your life with your firefighter. Post may contain affiliate links.

Planners & Organizers

Planning your own wedding has never been easier.  Take a look at these great options that pull it all together for you.  All you have to do is full in the blanks and check your accomplishments off the list.

1 The Knot

1 The Loverly

1 The Essentials

The Knot Planner

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer is an indispensable resource—and a lovely keepsake after the meaningful, joyful, and customized celebration you’re sure to have.

Loverly Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding can be a bit overwhelming, but with the helpful how-tos and insider advice in this handy guide, you can forget the stress and focus on creating a day that truly reflects you as a couple. The Loverly Wedding Planner has everything you need.

The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner: Deluxe Edition

Filled with everything a modern bride needs to organize her perfect big day, The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner is like having your own personal wedding consultant. It contains a wealth of completely up-to-date information about the entire planning process.

1 The Outdoor

1 The wedding book

1 The Broke

The Knot Outdoor Weddings

The Knot Outdoor Weddings also includes location-specific planning advice for the details of your event, such as attire, color palettes, stationery, menu, and favors, as well as considerations for perfecting your plan B and keeping guests comfortable in any weather.

The Wedding Book: The Big Book for Your Big Day

It’s the wedding bible: the most complete, lively, handholding, step-by-step guide to help every couple have a perfect wedding—no matter their budget, taste, or personalities.

Broke A** Bride

Yes, some of us need this option! This is a definitive guide to saving money and making every dollar count during wedding planning, from the engagement party to the big day, without sacrificing style or personality.

Printable Planners

So, maybe it did get a little easier.  Print right from your home (or have sent to your favorite print shop).  Put into your own binder, decorate it yourself and get started filling in the blanks.

print 1

planner 2

Wedding Planner Kit

With this instant download you can print and begin planning within minutes. This kit includes 209 pages with 2 cover designs.

Planner Printable

75 pages of Bridal organization available for instant download. Featuring beautiful, vintage floral designs this is a planner which will inspire you as you plan!

Free Planners and Printables

Did I just say free?  Yes!  F-R-E-E!  While many of the planners above contain a lot of extra information, tips and tools for wedding planning, you may not need or want those.  We’ve also included some other great free wedding printables.

free wedding

50 free wedding

50 free Shower

Free Printable Planner

Simply print off the FREE PDF Wedding Planning Binder Printables from Botanical paper Works and use a three-hole punch to create this binder that will keep track of your wedding plans.

50+ Wedding Prints

Offbeat Bride has collected over 50 free wedding printables to quench your need to get hands-on with your decor, invites, favors, and signs.  Perfect for the DIY Bride.

Bridal Shower Prints

Planning a Bridal shower can be super fun, but it can also be super stressful.  These fun and free prints make the planning more simple.

More for the Fire Bride

Hopefully if you’re in the planning a wedding season, you’ve found something here today that has filled some of your needs.  Find more at and follow along as we build your complete guide to being a Fire Bride.



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A small town girl from Southwest Georgia who happens to value your marriage as much as she does her own. She is married to a firefighter who was a volunteer for several years, then transitioned into a career fireman the same month they married in 2008, and he is now a Captain at his full-time Department. They have two daughters, have been in the FFW family since 2012 and know marriage takes a lot of work, even when it's in the best seasons.