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If you have not experienced Commitment Weekend (formerly known as FlameFest), or you wonder what it is like, read on! A fellow firefighter wrote about his experience and shared it with us to give you an inside look at what can come from making a weekend commitment to your marriage. The lifelong friendships made through this event don’t just end when the weekend ends, and neither the the reignited love for your spouse.

I humored my wife like many do and agreed halfheartedly to go to a conference with her. I mean, she had gone to FDIC with me, and it was an opportunity for us to spend a few days away out of town. In a town we both enjoy, Chicago.

What happened was the opposite of what I expected.

CW 5






I not only enjoyed myself, I was looking forward to the next year.

So, now I am sitting on a chairlift in Tahoe. Very non-climactic, right? Except, I am sitting with Zack Ford and Beves. AND…there is NO, I repeat, NO conference going on!













Well, during Chicago (Flame Fest), I found, as well as I believe everyone there found, a new “family.” The frequency of chatting and get togethers started increasing. So this year, in West Virginia, at the event with the name that made us all “cringe” (Firefighter Wife ha ha!)…

The men took a stand and asked if we could have our own group. Honor Guard.


So, now I am sitting on the chairlift with these two knuckleheads because of the friendship that has been fostered via Facebook and in person. We sometimes message each other daily, follow threads, offer advice to each other, but within the safe confines of the Honor Guard.

CW 1






I have not opened my house, not my firehouse, but my family’s home to members of the 24-7 Commitment group while they were in town. I have also stayed with both Zack and Beves (not to mention Sara and kids and Jules and teen boy), and made the offer to reciprocate.

CW 4














You know there is a bond within the brotherhood.


A bond that allows us to open our firehouse to anyone who is on the job, and we welcome them in for a meal and camaraderie.

But this group is more.

CW 3






I just hope you get to experience it.

Shawn Sebo

Commit to Your Marriage and Making Lifelong Friends

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    Hi, Sarah! Due to low numbers, Colorado and North Carolina are our only two available locations. Registration for those will end April 25th. Thanks!


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