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COMMITMENT in action


What is it anyhow?   Commitment is going all in to make something happen, even if the results don’t turn out exactly how we’d like.   Right?   That applies to our marriages, our families, our careers, our health endeavors and yes, even decisions we make here at 24-7 COMMITMENT.  We approach everything here at 24-7 COMMITMENT with an “all in” attitude (otherwise we’d be quite hypocritical!)

Based on feedback from our community regarding Commitment Weekend events, we took an “all in” approach to holding 4 separate weekends – California, Texas, Colorado and North Carolina.   As a leader, you take risks, unsure of the outcome but you don’t cut corners on the effort needed to pull it off.   We teamed up with 3 couples and ourselves set to lead each of the venues and went to work.   That work up front is marketing, sharing, asking, inviting, and…..planning and signing big scary contracts that commit you financially no matter what the outcome.

What’s most important is listening to the voice of our community.  And our community speaks in many ways – with likes, comments and shares on social media.  Comments on blog posts and email replies.  And with donations, purchases and event attendance.

Despite the efforts to recruit attendees. the community spoke in low numbers and we are needing to cancel our California and Texas Commitment Weekends (honoring full refunds and even discounted transfers as promised).

There is always a silver lining.  Now we are able to focus even more resources on both Colorado and North Carolina which are shaping up to fabulous venues and events.  You win some and lose some and you focus on the WINS.

You know what these decisions don’t change?

The amazing experiences of the past 3 years events in Atlanta, Chicago and West Virginia.

The fact that we will still have TWO great events in 2016, including one farther West as so often requested by our community.

The opportunity to continue to do even more in the future.

And most importantly, an opportunity to listen even more closely to our California and Texas audiences as to why those events were not right (dates, timing, cost, location, activities, etc)


Without you reading this, we wouldn’t even be here!   Especially without our team of volunteers and staff who keep things rolling.

And the fire service is an amazing family who really knows how to get things done.   Are you disappointed and really wanting a Commitment Weekend near to you?   Then let’s get it done.   Think about it.

How do you run successful local events with your fire department? For your sports club? For your community?  You have lots of people who are committed and go all in to make it happen.

24-7 COMMITMENT is your community. Truly. Everything we do here is a direct reflection of the requests and needs we here from you and with your support.

Do you want a COMMITMENT Weekend near you next year? Start recruiting. Grow the enthusiasm and excitement for this message. Spread the word around your departments. Initiatives grow when there are a lot of believers and supporters in the cause. That’s you.

Now, we understand that marriage is sexy but that’s sorta not the way to go about promoting our message of commitment here.   It all starts with small, fun, local meet ups with like minded couples, engaging in some of our online groups and getting to know each other a bit, before taking the leap for a whole weekend away.

Here’s what you can do next:

Register for North Carolina or Colorado by April 25th

Our plans for 2017 depend entirely on where numbers end up for 2016.   So while we are looking reasonable for NC and CO, there is still room to make it look phenomenal.   We have space for about 30 more couples in NC and 60 more couples in CO (the space was previously rather unlimited but as time passes it’s taken up by other events as well).

So let’s fill up our 2016 events!


Spread the Word in Your Area

Good messages reach far and wide when shared personally.

Social media is very noisy and not everyone sees all of our posts nor emails.   Person to person communication is still the best way to get an invitation.

What have you shared about 24-7 COMMITMENT programs with your department and the fire families in your life?   Now is the time to invite others to our online communities and local events.  This builds a community that can’t wait to get away together for a weekend with like minded friends.

Scholarships Available

A few full and partial scholarships have been donated for Commitment Weekends.  Many thanks to the couples who see the value and want to share it with others.   Applications are being accepted through March 31st.

Are you serious about hosting in 2017?

That’s awesome!  We’d love to connect with you and begin the planning processes already (yes it does take that kind of time).   we need couples who are able to be the event coordinator and feet on the street in your area marketing and recruiting and a department who’s all in to support us with some of the activities.   Email us and let us know.

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