Will he be home when I go into labor or will it be a shift day-

Pregnancy is a crazy exciting time as it is. Add in the shift schedule of a firefighter husband and the excitement multiplies….by a lot! Especially around the due date.

A million questions will roll through your mind. Do I have my bag packed? Do I have childcare set up? Do we have enough diapers?

Will he be home when I go into labor or will it be a shift day?

Will he be allowed to leave the station if I do go into labor while he is there?

We never really know, do we? But we can always be prepared for whatever comes our way. Because, hey, that’s how we roll! We asked the Fire Wife Sisterhood who had gone into labor while their firefighter was on shift.

Some of the reactions made us laugh…

I didn’t but I did loose my “plug” and he was on shift, they sent him home and had him scared to death the baby would be out before he got there. I had her 5 days later LOL!

I did. My FF said, “Are you sure?” LOL

Some of them drew sympathy from our fire hearts… This situation doesn’t just affect full-time firefighters. Volunteer firefighters never know how their days are going to go.

My husband is a volunteer, but was at a structure fire. I called a friend whose husband was also on his company and they contacted him on scene. Then they returned him to his firehouse so he could get his car. This was 24 years ago-no cell phones then ūüôā

I did! I was supposed to be induced the next morning and he was going to meet me at the hospital after shift. Instead our little girl decided she couldn’t wait the 6 hours so he was able to meet me at the hospital at midnight. I called him at 1030 and said, I think I’m going into labor. My contractions were very erratic but getting stronger quickly and I have a history of fast deliveries. Someone was kind enough to come in for him in the middle of the night. Phew!

Will he be home when I go into labor or will it be a shift day- (1)

But there is an underlying message throughout all of the responses.  They clearly show just how strong we can be as fire wives, and how much our firefighters love and support us as well. By sharing our stories, we can inspire and encourage others.

Thank you all for sharing your personal experiences! One thing is for sure, FF wives are tough – I am continuously inspired by you all. This is my third pregnancy but first with husband as a FF. I will let you all know how the story goes. Due next week. I have like 15 phone numbers in my phone since FF has been floated to various stations. Thanks again for sharing!!

It is not about just sharing stories of labor, but of everyday fire life: the struggles, the challenges, the joys, the tears, the blessings, the celebrations…all of it. We can be fire strong with the support and encouragement from others who intimately know the things we face in this life.

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